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Storage Why should you backup?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Margo Baggins, 26 Apr 2012.

  1. Dreamslacker

    Dreamslacker Minimodder

    13 Sep 2006
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    Sounds like a client that my company services.

    They are a very very well-to-do company with a stingy arse of a MD. Lets just say they are in charge of maintaining and servicing semicon equipment for most of the wafer fabs (AMD/ Global foundries, Texas, TSMC, SSMC etc).

    Their UPS battery upped and died last year and the MD flatly refused to purchase a replacement battery. All their work is stored on an old Ubuntu server (it's running an LTS build that just ran out of support, that's how old it is).

    The server backs up everything (daily) to a cheap 4-bay Buffalo NAS that he chose because of the price.
    We suggested Qnap/ Synology but the MD didn't want to shell out for it. The NAS has already seen a complete array failure when 2 Shitgate consumer drives died (again, against our recommendations).

    We offered offsite back-up service as well. Simply just a pair of external USB drives that we will rsync for them for a pittance (less than US$20/ month and they don't have to pay for the drives) and rotate on a monthly basis.
    In fact, we don't even mind doing the service for free under our adhoc maintenance scheme if they provide their own external USB drives and store it in their fireproof safe.

    The best part? The MD tells us that the infrastructure needs 100% availability and refuses to sign a long term contract with us. Since there is zero SLA on contract, we are just waiting out on a power failure to take out their data.

    Some idiot already took out the array the last time round by accidentally tripping the power strip. They were just lucky that the server's array wasn't killed at the same time.
  2. Margo Baggins

    Margo Baggins I'm good at Soldering Super Moderator

    28 May 2010
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    I hate this :(

    Clients do my head in so often with their short sighted/illogical decisions.

    We once did some work for someone, built them a new network, and basically they told us to do everything we advised against, down the line, they get sold a product by A.N.Other supplier - who then sent us a bunch of emails asking us what we were doing designing a network like that, we're a bunch of cowboys, offensive stuff. Thankfully - we had saved all the emails with the client and their demands - we sent them correspondence back with all of those emails attached - got a very apologetic reply back! Funnily enough 2 weeks after that A.N.Other pulled out, because of the way the company wanted them to use their product.

    They are completely bonkers I swear. They pay for your understanding and knowledge, and then still do their own thing.
  3. nimbu

    nimbu Modder

    28 Nov 2002
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    Veeam running daily reverse incremental backups of production VM's which push to staging area.

    Backup exec that will push the latest daily backups from SAN to tape to mitigate for SAN failure.

    Another Backup exec job that on Sunday takes the latest daily backup and the last 6 days of roll back (7 days total) and pushes it to tapes, which are taken offsite the following morning and looked after for us by a company called Saracen. Currently costs me 8 LTO4 tapes every 4 weeks and about £150 a month from the storage company.

    I'm sure I could prob do it more efficiently expecially now that we have a decent amount of bandwidth available. Just had a shuffle in structure at work and Systems and Support have now been split with me running systems now. Mega busy, got some inherited projects to work through right now (Exchange 2010 upgrade, olympics capacity planning and storage review), after that I got lots I want to do.

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