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Wii / Wii U Wii Nunchuck, 3rd Party

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by khalilm, 20 Jun 2008.

  1. khalilm

    khalilm What's a Dremel?

    20 Jun 2008
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    Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone has come across a 3rd party wii nunchcuk.
  2. johnnyboy700

    johnnyboy700 Minimodder

    27 May 2007
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    I reckon the Nintendo ones are just fine and if you shop around you can save a fair bit of money on them. Its been a while since I bought my second nunchuck but if I recall correctly HMV wanted something ridiculous like £20 and Morrisons (formerly Safeway) had them for about a tenner.

    There are some on Amazon, made by some company call Duo-FX for about £8, the official ones are about £13, they even have wireless ones for something like £25. Don't see the point in a wireless nuncuck as surely you still need to have something connected to the main controller plus you then have to worry about even more batteries for something that doesn't need them in the first place.

    No idea what the quality is like for the non-Nintendo stuff, you'd have to try it for yourself.

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