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Windows Win7 64bit premium - DNS messing up :(

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by udjamaflip, 21 Jan 2010.

  1. IvanIvanovich

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    31 Aug 2008
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    you mentioned that ipconfig says dhcp is disabled, you need to check in services. right click on computer and chose manage, then services, find the dhcp entry and it should be set to start automatically. do you have a router? what is the dns set to on that? does your computer happen to have 2 nics? if so you could set up one for the internet, and the 2nd for your internal network, but may need to have a different subnet.
  2. Jenny_Y8S

    Jenny_Y8S Guest

    That could be a good solution if it was a routing issue, but is unlikely to solve DNS resolution problems. As the machine will still have to work out which DNS to query before it performs the lookup, therefore it is still likely to have exactly the same issues
  3. udjamaflip

    udjamaflip -

    13 Aug 2005
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    I have a similiar feeling about Windows 7, trying to figure out what though. Our DNS server is an ubuntu box though, so any ideas what I could check on there?

    I am very sure its this machine, and unfortunately only one NIC. I checked the DHCP server and its enabled through the method that was said before.

    Going to try messing with software firewall, as suggested on that link.

    Any other suggestions guys? :wallbash:

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