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News Windows 7 released to manufacturing

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 23 Jul 2009.

  1. Tim S

    Tim S OG

    8 Nov 2001
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    Apple has 91% share in $1000+ PCs at the moment according to NPD. http://www.betanews.com/joewilcox/article/Apple-has-91-of-market-for-1000-PCs-says-NPD/1248313624 :)
  2. xprodancer

    xprodancer life is like a box of chocolates

    24 Jul 2009
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    I must say the EU are just bein annoying! so if i want it im gona just have it shipped over to the uk and just reconfigure it to my likein!
  3. ChaosDefinesOrder

    ChaosDefinesOrder Vapourmodder

    6 Feb 2008
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    Apple has a monopoly of Mac computers. If Apple insists on advertsising as "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" then Macs are NOT PCs, therefore they are a separate entitity, in which case Apple has a monopoly of Mac compuers. QED.

    Apple only allow MacOS to be installed on Macs. Imagine if Microsoft only allowed Windows to be installed on a single manufacturer's machines, like Dell for example?

    Apple only officially allows iPods to sync with iTunes (Pre and BB has technically hacks). Imagine if Microsoft only allowed Zunes to sync music from Windows Media Player?

    As pointed out, Apple bundles a browser, producitvity suite, office suite, editing suite and media player with their OS. Microsoft does the same and gets fined heavily by the EU.

    Apple is a monopoly of Macs, Microsoft is a monopoly of PCs. As long as Apple advertises the two as seperate entitites, they should be treated the same by the law.
  4. aron311

    aron311 New Member

    14 Jul 2007
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    "slmgr.vbs -rearm"

    You can use "slmgr.vbs -dli" to check how long the license has left.

    How many times can you do this? I used it on Server 2008 SBS just today but thought you were limited to 3 rearms of 60 days after the initial 60 day trial...

    On W7 RTM you will presumably get a 30 day trial so by the same logic after 120 days its dead?
  5. leslie

    leslie Just me!

    19 May 2009
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    This is not how the courts see it (at least in the U.S. courts).
    The courts see it as Microsoft used unfair tactics to become and maintain a monopoly. A monopoly as defined as having 95+ percent of the market share (I'm not sure on current stats so this is just a guesstimate). If Apple held a 95% market share over Microsoft, Apple would (likely) be the one getting fined and MS would be able to do whatever in order to compete (debatable, see below for why). The fines and restrictions of MS are there in order to try and inspire competition and keep MS from using the same tactics it has used before to maintain what it has achieved. Personally, I think it's a joke. If you want to stop it, break them up like they did Ma' Bell in America. Force them to break off Office and I.E. divisions and compete for a place on the Windows desktop.

    There is also the argument that Apple is considered a hardware company, NOT a software company. They sell computers as they see fit. Just as Dell, Gateway and others do. If Dell decides to run Linux, they are free to. They can include any software they want. Therefore they can equip it as they see fit. Apple chooses to run Mac, however you can put Windows on it, just as you can put BSD, Linuxs or many others. Windows competes against Mac OS, which technically isn't a product in itself. It's just the OS that runs on an Apple product and not subject to an OS restriction like Windows is. It's like saying I-Drive control system is a monopoly in BMW's, you buy the car and you get the control system. You don't buy the car because of the control system (well you can but...). This held true when Apple used Power PC, it's harder to justify now that Apple is using Intel hardware though.

    In terms of Ipods though, there has been grumblings. However the software for Ipods runs on MS and Apple. Therefore offering a choice of platforms. Just as MS Office isn't considered a monopoly for MS because it runs on both Windows and Mac.

    Make no mistake, Apple is just as bad or worse than MS, they just don't have the market share. Apple is FAR more restrictive in use of their products than Microsoft. Ms is an aggressive company but Apple makes them look like children. Had they gone on to take over and get the 95% of system sales, things would be far different than they are (and most likely FAR more expensive).
    Last edited: 26 Jul 2009
  6. Ice Tea

    Ice Tea Active Member

    26 Jul 2009
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