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News Windows 7 removes e-mail, photo tools

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 24 Sep 2008.

  1. ClearCaseMan

    ClearCaseMan Acrylic GOD

    13 Apr 2002
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    A OS should be just that AN OS. period. let me choose the apps I want to use. if they made it where it was only the OS with just what you needed for the OS it would not be such bloatware IMHO.
  2. Saivert

    Saivert Minimodder

    26 Mar 2005
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    Internet Explorer 8.0 will be bundled with Windows 7 which is a tremendous step forward. I have it installed now and actually slipstreamed it into my custom Vista install image (using pkgmgr from Windows AIK).
    Internet Explorer is a part of Windows now and I don't see it going anywhere. In Vista it's true that the integration with Explorer (file browser) was finally broken, but that is because Vista comes with an entirely new Explorer. Microsoft still uses their MSHTML rendering engine and Browser ActiveX control in several applications and third-party applications also use it. Internet Explorer isn't just a browser, it's a technology. Would you say they remove technology from their OS that they depend on? And don't say you wouldn't mind if Mozilla's technologies were everywhere someday. If you're going to discuss this at least be impartial.
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