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News Windows 7 security courtesy of the NSA

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 19 Nov 2009.

  1. TempGong

    TempGong What's a Dremel?

    4 Oct 2009
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    I find that computers these days as well as Internet in general are begin to become more and more like the Television, ads everywhere copyright restrictions and discussing bugs from companies who decide which is good or not for us. We are more and more becoming pigs of the industry and I am afraid if we don't (as people first) defend some basic rights, like the right for privacy, we will be guided more and more from lustful companies.

    That said, I think that as well applies to this case.

    Also, the guys above are both stupid. From the one hand, the Windows guy is biased as hell. The term Minority for both the GNU/Linux and Mac OS X community is at least rude. I happen to be on both and I find myself, as the minority, working better on both this OS's. I however was frustrated by the amount of maintenance did Windows need to do basic tasks. That doesn't apply on you so good for you, but bashing the preferences and ideals (in general) of others is really irritating, your also being submissive on the other making your self more fool than ever. On the other hand, the Red Hat guy is trying to something right but then fails bad only because he falls to the other guys level and is also being submissive. The SE is really not for desktop users but rather for extreme security purposes and as such it restricts the average users moves. As such, putting a SE on Windows wouldn't be beneficial and also creates a risk of NSA looking over at your logs.
  2. crazyceo

    crazyceo What's a Dremel?

    24 Apr 2009
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    The reason I'm asking if any other agencies have helped OS developers is based on the fear of any british government department being involved. They've shown bad form here by being completely incapable of safe storage of their own data including our personal details on too many occassions recently. If they can loose our date, they can also loose the code they helped the developers with.

    Is this the kind of help they should be asking for?
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