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Networks wireless challenge

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bruno_me, 8 Jun 2005.

  1. Bruno_me

    Bruno_me Fake-ad‎min

    30 Mar 2003
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    aight, here's the situation, I need to connect 2 sites that are ~500 feet from each other, wirelessly.

    this is what it'll be like
    router, etc
     switch--[SIZE=1]something interesting happens here[/SIZE]~~(wireless)~~ site 2 ---[SIZE=1]something interesting happens here[/SIZE]---- computers
    so basically I need to find out what the interesting things are and how to set them up..

    we already have cantennas, and they've been tested at that distance, so we basically need to just figure the interesting things out (hardware, software, all that)

    any ideas?
  2. kickarse

    kickarse New Member

    6 Oct 2004
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    So basically site one has the internet connection via broadband shared connected to by a router that is thus connected to an Wireless AP then in the other site another Ad-Hoc wireless point so that the people can access things from site 1?

    Hardware I'd go with a Netgear wireless router running some wireless encryption protocol. WPA is better then WEP, WEP is better then MAC filtering. Other encryption etc requires more money and possibly server appliances. Ranging from $400-$4,000.

    There's also the firewall. You have a builtin NAT firewall that just turns away packets that aren't specifically called by that IP address, reads the header, payload, etc. It's okay if your not running a website or anything really really secure. It'll keep most hackers away. I tell people that most hackers really don't care to hack a dentists office. Mostly you should worry about is virus's and malware. There also server appliance firewalls that not only have NAT but can reduce spam, virus's, etc.

    Everything you want depends on budget and the amount of users. Perphaps also what you already have an what your willing to upgrade? And the amount of computers, servers, etc?

    http://windowsmarketplace.com/category.aspx?bCatId=517 - Good place to start for hardware

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