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Other wireless sensor data aquisition

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by OmegaX, 9 Nov 2009.

  1. OmegaX

    OmegaX What's a Dremel?

    1 Aug 2004
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    Wasn't sure exactly which section to put this in, but this seemed most appropriate.

    Short story: Need way to get sensor data (4 pressure sensors, 2 strain gauges) off a vessel rotating at 2,000 RPM or higher.

    More in depth story: For my senior design project at my university we have to design and test a spinning hydraulic accumulator. Since this device will be spinning at 2,000 RPM or higher we need a way to get the data off the sensors. I looked into slip rings but they cost about $400 to $3000 US so looking into wireless systems possibly. Wireless sensors themselves appear to be too bulky to use so one method proposed was have a micro controller such as an arduino transmit the data wirelessly using a Xbee module and use the serial link on the computer to read the data. This controller needs to be as small as possibly and we want to be able to gt accurate readings. The sensors used either output 0-24mV, 0-100mv or 0-5V f they are amplified. To supply power we would attach a battery most likely to the vessel. Also at the outside of the vessel the acceleration is about 340G's.

    If anybody has experience with using arduino with sensors and/or using wireless module's with it input would be greatly appreciated. Input on another solution would be great as well.
  2. capnPedro

    capnPedro Hacker. Maker. Engineer.

    11 Apr 2007
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    Arduinos have 6 analogue I/O pins (0-5v) with 1024 bit resolution. I'm pretty sure the Xbee shield doesn't use any of the analogue pins.

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