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Scratch Build – In Progress Wooden PC

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by xen0morph, 5 Dec 2010.

  1. xen0morph

    xen0morph Bargain wine connoisseur

    30 Jun 2002
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    With Christmas coming up, I decided to build my Mrs a PC, and do something special by building a custom case to put it in.

    Wanted it to be a little different, so I've decided to build it out of wood. :D

    Here's what I've done so far. I only started today:



    Very rough mock-up showing component placement.


    When done, I will sand and varnish it to bring out the grain of the wood, screw metal edging strips to hide the joins and screws, and the front panel will be made out of black plexiglass.

    Just a note: I'm not a joiner, I have had a total of about two hour's experience with woodworking in my life.

    Also, I know some of the angles aren't quite straight, but that only adds to the charm. Right? :D

    (I only have a limited selection of handtools, just a saw, a drill and a selection of knives for carving.)

    I'll keep this thread updated as I progress. Next thing to do, after getting the mitre cuts equal and straight at both sides of the front panel, is to cut a motherboard tray out of a sacrificial case and knock up something to mount the HDD, CDROM and PSU.


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