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Rant Work related - "Can I speak to the owner of the business"

Discussion in 'General' started by Weekly_Estimate, 30 Nov 2010.

  1. DragunovHUN

    DragunovHUN Modder

    30 Oct 2008
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    Really? Like, really? "Please wait in line while we get around to annoying you"
  2. outlawaol

    outlawaol Geeked since 1982

    18 Jul 2007
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    Indeed. And on the cell phone makes me want to use tactical nukes...
  3. jazzzyj

    jazzzyj Minimodder

    2 Apr 2002
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    I usually go with "Let me put you through now..." *click*
    Its even more funny when they call back "I was on the phone and I got cut off..." *click*
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  4. Lorquis

    Lorquis lorquisSpamCount++;

    8 Sep 2002
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    Actually start sounds a lot like what I had to say to thousands of poor sods when I was working in telemarketing...

    Basically we got given pretty much a cross between the thompson local and some rip from company's house, sometimes there would be a director's name, most times it'd be blank and we'd have to engineer our way to someone with purchase authority.

    So, any calls like that ask them which company they're with and it's "To do with your BT account" (which they could ligitimately say) or if they were a bit more honest, Unicom/Universal Communications, Universal, Universal Utilities, United Telecom etc (all trading names of the actual company) just say you've got TPS

    Sad thing is, it's all just paper sheets and your number might be on loads of them so someone writing TPS on one doesn't mean you won't be called again.

    But there is light.. if they call more than 3 times, with TPS I think that counts as harrassment.. try and have a talk to their manager.

    (This obviously assumes the company is registered with TPS (free to do, in fact anyone can register them not just the owner))
  5. wbdog206

    wbdog206 not me

    15 Jan 2007
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    This drives me nuts.:grr:
  6. aLtikal

    aLtikal 1338-One step infront of the pro's

    7 May 2008
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  7. Rkiver

    Rkiver Cybernetic Spine

    23 Apr 2009
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    I work in a call centre as a tech support agent, level 1, lowest of the low considering what I used to do, but hey it pays the bills, mostly. Customers calling in asking for the owner, like he's going to actually 1) come into the office and 2) talk to some random customer.

    I've explained to some before, you want to talk to the owner, write a letter. Some of them don't get why he isn't there to talk to them, so I've explained why. He owns the business, doesn't mean he runs it.
  8. SuicideNeil

    SuicideNeil What's a Dremel?

    17 Aug 2009
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    At home, I used to get called 3 times a week by the same Scottish lady trying to sell me double glazing- didnt seem to take the hint that this is rented accomodation from a sheltered housing organization.
    Also got regular calls from companies wanting to turn my home into a showhome ( free make over but you have to let random strangers walk around your home to view it- yeah right ).

    TPS dealt with most of those quite effectively, but that doesnt stop BT phoning up ( see video ) trying to sell you BT vision or some other bollocks; you cant really hang up on them as they provide your phone line & broadband ( well, mine anyway- no real complaints either ). I listen to the nice young mans sales pitch and then politely tell him 3 or 4 times that I dont watch much TV so BTVision isnt much good for me ( I can find the latest films elsewhere for free, ta mate... ).

    At work though it gets annoying; no you cant speak to the buying department or IT manager as this is an MOD navy base, no we dont want to buy our products from your company as we have a set list of suppliers and cant add new companies as we please, no this isnt the headoffice of our company we're just a small retail outlet... **groan**

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