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Overclocking World's first overclocking magazine (bt approved thread)

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by The_Overclocker, 6 Sep 2008.

  1. The_Overclocker

    The_Overclocker What's a Dremel?

    6 Sep 2008
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    At one of the IDF keynotes the other day, we launched, what we think is, the world's first overclocking magazine... The Overclocker. It's monthly and it's free and can be found at www.theoverclocker.com .

    I'm very keen not to sound like a spammer here... I know Tim and Geoff and they know what we're doing btw.

    We're not going to compete with anyone. We've not got our own (proper) website and we haven't got our own forums. Instead we're going to use forums like these to post questions and send readers here to answer them (or ask questions here and get the industry to answer them).

    Because overclocking is global it doesn't matter what country you're in when you read this magazine. In our first issue we cover overclocking in Singapore and Asus' world championships held in Hong Kong. There's some great video interviews with the world's best too.

    We've got reports on events, interviews with overclockers and the industry, reports on world record breakers and a handful of reviews. We want to act as a hub for the world's overclocking communities. Hopefully, we can work closely with the people on this particular forum.

    Please let us know what you think... constructively please!

    Best regards,

    Nick, editor
  2. Noob4ever

    Noob4ever always learning

    14 Oct 2007
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    Hm......... I must say just read your entire first issue....... And while It's got some decent info regarding the various parts in there........ The writing left a little something to be desired, Along the lines of I dont usually bother to read an entire article if the author doesnt grab my interest...... No matter how much I like ocing my gear Unless I like the writing style of the author I have trouble sitting through a multi page article about various computer parts....... That being said....
    The lack of detail going into any of the pieces of equipment outlined in your magazine was hugely disappointing, here on BT I can expect normally 3+ pages for any new pieces of gear with exact reasons why This piece of equipment or game is bad or good, ie just read the Spore review, it seems the author loves the game but cant justify a 10 for it because there are problems......

    While I noticed your DFI Lanparty Article you ragged about issues with OS install's...... This would not seem like it should pertain to the article at all..... Since it is an OS issue...... You also only listed only two or three attempted tweaks on oc'ing the board. Without much voltage adjustment or anything it would seem, or while you may have done so your article doesnt go into enough depth for you to really justify the score you have for the board.
    Also, your Corsair Ram review.... you rate it a 9/10 with yourselves being unable to overclock, yet you use a world oc guru up as your standard for why this ram is great..... It is an unrealistic presentation of goods when you yourself outright say this product is great, and are unable to oc it yourselves for whatever reason. And you dont list what boards you try this ram with, same with the e8600.
    And with your e8600 review as well....... just too little information given here.... but one thing I did come across, while yes this is an oc'ing magazine, You must keep in mind the majority of the oc community is limited to some air cooling, or for the more adventurous of us water cooling. With just a few in the grand scheme of things being able to build phase change systems. So I applaud your efforts of seeing how far can we go :rock: Since I always like that bit, But some more realistic goals in mind while using air and perhaps water cooling to test said processors would be in order before you crank up the juice.

    That being said the over 14 pages of ad's or roughly 35% of the magzine being devoted to ad's is a bit much.
  3. Mike@TCT

    Mike@TCT What's a Dremel?

    2 Aug 2008
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    I really like the layout and design, but as the previous poster said, the writing doesn't hold my attention and something about the structure seems wrong. Just my humble opinion though.
  4. Guest-16

    Guest-16 Guest

    We had a chat with Nick and everything is fine - even though he's a commercial entity we're going to work our community in cooperation with them. :)

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