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News Xbox 360 celebrates fifth anniversary in UK

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by CardJoe, 2 Dec 2010.

  1. mastorofpuppetz

    mastorofpuppetz What's a Dremel?

    12 Mar 2010
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    It really is the Worst console this gen, had a xbox for 2 years, very under whelmed, At least Ps3 has a lot of great first party development and exclusives, MS just throws cash around at a few timed DLC and third party exclucives.
  2. Kiytan

    Kiytan Shiny

    2 Jul 2009
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    I can see the ps3 just about making another 5 more years, as games are looking better and better on it (looking at heavy rain and Uncharted 2), and that definatly happened over the lifespan of the ps2, the games progressed a LOT.

    But I haven't seen much progress in the 360, so I really don't see it doing another 5 years.
  3. kerno

    kerno I overclocked my MP3 player

    7 Dec 2010
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    This is of course you can get the said PC game to work in the first place :wallbash: I have both a Xbox and a nice I7 920 @4.2 6GB of the good stuff and 2x 4890s in crossfire and when you can get it all to work it is stunning for example F1 2010 on the PC with all the details turned up is truely stunning :rock: Thats if you can get through a race without needing some sort of patch or two. This is what frustrates me with PC's and yes I known this all can be fixed and people do mods etc etc, but to be honest I have not got the time to mess about for hours to get a game to work. Its far easier just to stick the disk in the Xbox and play, (most of the time sometimes it to needs fixes.) sitting back on my settee and enjoying my 50" screen wirelessly with nothing to worry about other than my next kill or person to pass.

    I love my PC and the likes of Civ5 with all its problems is still worth it has anybody played Civ Revolutions on the Xbox oh dear :sigh:

    Anyway off my soapbox waiting to be shot down in flames for dissing the PC

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