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Your job, is it worth it!

Discussion in 'Serious' started by Mr Happy, 31 Mar 2010.

  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy 4 8 15 16 23 42

    25 Apr 2009
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    Ok, just wondering what folk do for a living and if you think its worth it. Keep this basic, ill start

    Job: Prison Officer
    Wage: at moment £22500, max out £29,000

    Is it worth it: at times its easy, but when it goes wrong no its not worth it, far from it

    So, if you want to take part let us know, lets see who has the worst job :D
  2. Sloth

    Sloth #yolo #swag

    29 Nov 2006
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    Job: Community Planning Technician
    Wage: $21,840 per annum base, comes to $26,603 after locality adjustment.

    Is it worth it: Technically no. I'm being paid as a GS 3, yet it is normally a GS 11 position ($60k roughly after locality) so I'm getting paid less than half of what I should be. But, I am in college so my schedule is reduced. Not by half like my pay, but the experience I am gaining is easily worth more than money. Also, I enjoy the work.
  3. Combinho

    Combinho Ten kinds of awesome

    5 Aug 2008
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    Job: Medical Student
    Wage: -£3,500 for the next 6 years
    Max: £100,000
    Is it worth it: I f***ing hope so.
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  4. Mister_Tad

    Mister_Tad Will work for nuts Super Moderator

    27 Dec 2002
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    Job: Data Storage Consultant/Architect/Bod (it's complicated!)
    Wage: No comment

    Is it worth it: Can be very long hours at times, travel can be a pain too. Can be pretty stressful at times, often a lot riding on making the wrong/right call - being the "expert" means that where technical decisions are concerned, the buck often stops with me. But I love it! I'm a massive geek when it comes to storage, which helps quite a bit. SAN directors and wide striping get my engine going, rowr. *ahem*

    Always the way though. I'm sure you'll find plenty of people here that are doing things way beyond the scope of their role. Consider yourself lucky you're getting the experience of the more senior role and keep an eye out for opportunities to advance if you're doing it anyway.
  5. Nealieboyee

    Nealieboyee Packaging Master!

    14 Aug 2009
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    Job: Sales Assistant (selling machinery)
    Wage: 19,000 pa before tax etc.....

    Is it worth it: Not at all. I hate working in an office (especially with an old P4 computer that sounds like a jet engine, and moves like a snail) I have always worked with my hands (electrical apprenticeship i gave up in south africa.....idiot), and will never work in an office again. think i'm just in a rut at the moment.
  6. PureSilver

    PureSilver E-tailer Tailor

    16 Dec 2008
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    Job: Law Student
    Wage: -£3,500 for the next 2 years
    Max: £1m+
    Is it worth it: Oh God, it'd better be
  7. knuck

    knuck Hate your face

    25 Jan 2002
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    Job: IT Engineering student
    Wage : -5000$ for the next 4/5 years
    Max: I don't know, I will start around 50K but the top can be over 100 I guess
    is it worth it ? : I don't know either. Not sure I'll finish tbh
  8. Sloth

    Sloth #yolo #swag

    29 Nov 2006
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    The opportunities to advance are the main thing, and the major pay boost I get for staying here after finishing school. This job's with the Navy so there's literally jobs all over the world. I saw a position for my exact same job being offered in Bahrain. Up to five year tour with previous job reserved back home for when I'm done, reduced cost on base housing, increased pay because it would mean working through Sunday (cultural difference maybe? I don't know) and 15 days of additional leave each year to visit home. Already told my supervisor that when school's done I'll be trying for a European position. He keeps telling me to try Guam but we'll see :D
  9. Volund

    Volund Am I supposed to care?

    16 Sep 2008
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    Cashier/Computer Information Systems Student

    Wage- about $10,000/yr before taxes (depending on hours / week)
    Tuition- $3000.5 this year, not including books, food on campus, or travel. $3320 next year, not counting textbooks, food on campus, or travel

    Job now, absolutely not worth it, lousy hours, stupid customers, and a highly irritating boss.

    Job in the future, I'm just hoping for something I enjoy, coupled with enough money to live comfortably.
  10. C-Sniper

    C-Sniper Stop Trolling this space Ądmins!

    17 Jun 2007
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    Job: Engineering Student
    Salary: -6000 /year for 2.5 more years
    Expecting Salary: $60k+ year starting (Dual Degree Cheesecake!) Max $150k

    Worth it: I'm building the framework for my future and so far I love what I am doing in Uni so yes I think it is worth it.
  11. October

    October Mariachi Style

    20 Jul 2009
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    Current job: GA in a multiplex cinema, various voluntary AV/camera jobs, casual projectionist in arthouse cinema.
    Future: DoP, hopefully Director.

    Current: Cinema ~£8,500 (since I've moved up to full time hours and passed 22), most camera jobs are free, except the one regular one which pays in pizza :D I get full projection pay in the arthouse (£8 something an hour) but I've only worked 12 hours in the last two months :grr:
    Future: sky's the limit I guess...

    Worth it? Multiplex - most of the time I literally get paid to stand about or watch bits of films, sometimes it's unbelievably hectic and customers are total assholes and children throw food everywhere and people poo in urinals. So...yes and no. I'm looking for a way out...
    Camera stuff - totally, it's all going in teh showreel.
    Projection - it seems to be the only place I can write atm so the more I'm in there the better. Plus its awesome, skilled-feeling work, and there's only two screens and always two projectionists. My favourite job so far.
    Future - will be (hopefully eventually) getting paid to do something I love, if it's enough to get by on comfortably it will be totally worth everything it takes to get there.

    /text upchuck
  12. bloodcar

    bloodcar Minimodder

    1 Sep 2002
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    Job: Installation/repair technician
    Wage: $41620.8 Max: However much overtime I feel like working

    Is it worth it? Yes and no. The job itself is great and I get to interact with all kinds of people in their own homes (you can really tell a lot about a person from their home!) There's also a lot of stress with it being a numbers game and being constantly scrutinized on performance.

    If I had a consistent schedule like I did 5 months ago, I would still love my job. That being, my schedule changes weekly meaning I can never make any plans and it's starting to wear on my opinion of my company and it's products/services.
  13. Jumeira_Johnny

    Jumeira_Johnny 16032 - High plains drifter

    13 Nov 2004
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    As someone who grew up with both parents being GS employees, Europe ain't happening out of college. Guam will, but it's a crap posting. Bahrain, it's quiet, nice, relatively safe. And it has the Koranic Museum, which is a must see if you are at all interested in the history of the written and printed word.

    Freelance Photographer, 40,000-50,000 USD although this can vary. Is it worth it? Sure, since I would be happy doing it for free. Will I get rich from it? No, but I married well. :D
  14. BentAnat

    BentAnat Software Dev

    26 Jun 2008
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    Development manager for a major player in the global audit market. I.e. i lead a team of programmers and code myself
    Salary (/me converts to more better currencies) ~27K GPB a year.

    Is it worth it? No. Simple as that. No.
  15. CardJoe

    CardJoe Freelance Journalist

    3 Apr 2007
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    Job: Pirate
    Wage: Hand over the loot!
    Is it worth it?: YOU FIGHT LIKE A COW!

    Games journalist/no comment/hellsyeah
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  16. kenco_uk

    kenco_uk I unsuccessfully then tried again

    28 Nov 2003
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    Job: MSCDST + various minor duties
    Salary: £18,750 (slowly getting there)
    Worth it?: About 94% of the time. There's the odd nob-end now and again. I wish the one next door would stop whistling as much. It's nearly constant.. every day.
    Last edited: 14 Apr 2010
  17. Silver51

    Silver51 I cast flare!

    24 Jul 2006
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    IT Technician - School
    £10k ish
    It's worth it just to live in this part of the country. Otherwise, it's depressing to see that just about everyone gets more loot than I do.
  18. Hugo

    Hugo Ex-TrustedReviews Staff

    25 Dec 2006
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    Job: Pretending to be a journalist while actually making everything up.
    Wage: Barely enough to live on (Bit-tech guys will back me up on this ;))
    Worth it?: Wouldn't change careers for twice the salary.
  19. whisperwolf

    whisperwolf What's a Dremel?

    1 Sep 2004
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    Apparently I'm now Process Improvement, though still think I'm more a GDB, and currently trying to change my title to Statistical Logistics And Value Enhancer, just so I can have fun with business cards.
    Pay's about £22k to 28K
    is it worth it, Nah, it pays the wages but I don't do it for the fun of it. Waiting to see where the wife ends up and then looking to shift out.
  20. Gunsmith

    Gunsmith Maximum Win

    23 Sep 2005
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    Job: self emplyed it guru
    Wage: whatever i can scrape
    Worth it?: I dont have to worry about some stupid **** in a suit who drives an audi making me redundant by shipping my job over to some middle eastern ****hole of the country because he cant do his job properly

    so yeah its worth it :)

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