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Your job, is it worth it!

Discussion in 'Serious' started by Mr Happy, 31 Mar 2010.

  1. TheCherub

    TheCherub Minimodder

    16 Sep 2007
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    Yeah, it's Phil, I did Physics with him at 6th form. Slightly surprised that he's still there...
  2. Xen0phobiak

    Xen0phobiak SMEGHEADS!

    8 Aug 2002
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    He's not been there for a while mate.
  3. Somer_Himpson

    Somer_Himpson What's a Dremel?

    22 Jan 2010
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    Job Service Management (ITIL) for the NHS
    Salary (33k) contractor.
    Is it worth it?
    Some days I think it is **** but when I think of how I am helping the 'big picture', yes.
  4. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy 4 8 15 16 23 42

    25 Apr 2009
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    Same job (see first post)

    slightly better pay, but under investigation (damn prisoners)

    is it worth it? ill let you know soon :(
  5. Grimloon

    Grimloon What's a Dremel?

    4 Sep 2008
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    Job Title: Service Desk Analyst

    Wage: mid teens basic but usually £20k+ with overtime

    Is it worth it?: Most of the time, yes. There's a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from a one call fix and teaching the end user how to get the most of their application is usually well up there in the feelgood stakes. However, it's a small team with a relatively big job (6 people, ~2,000 remote sites, 1st and 2nd line hardware & apps plus ~200 internal users) and having 400+ man hours of work over the next 2 months suddenly dumped in your lap is enough to make anyone a touch grumpy occasionally, particularly with a Sarbanes-Oxley quarterly access review due to start in 3 days time. The work is nicely varied as user acceptance testing forms part of it, as does documentation (field engineer manuals, user guides etc - although the "web services for dummies overview" is getting a touch painful at the mo - as well as the occasional process document or installer), incident management (we're the only ones in at the weekend - which, of course, is when everything breaks) and data analysis.
  6. Guinevere

    Guinevere Mega Mom

    8 May 2010
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    Until earlier in the year I was:

    Job: Technical Director / Technical Architect of a web agency
    Salary: 50K (For a three day week)
    Worth it: Strangely no! And handing in my notice felt so great and yet so frightening.

    I am now:

    Job: I am finishing off a novel I'm writing, so that makes me a writer... maybe I'll get published and can then say I'm an author.
    Salary:I used to have one.... it came in handy for the little things like food...
    Worth it?: Can I call you back?
  7. llamafur

    llamafur WaterCooled fool

    27 Jul 2009
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    Job: Lawn mowing
    Salary: $20/month
    Worth it: Sure, it's money in my pocket.

    Job: Weldor/Artist
    Salary: Depends on what I make for the local art shop. My highest paying piece was a 1.6 meter tall praying mantis made from automotive parts, $500 for around 6 hours of welding and fabricating.

    Worth it: Totally worth it, I love welding and art.
  8. Mister_Tad

    Mister_Tad Will work for nuts Super Moderator

    27 Dec 2002
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    Is that for the NHS directly, or for an IT provider and you're dedicated to that particular account?
  9. Shadow703793

    Shadow703793 What's a Dremel?

    5 May 2009
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    Last edited: 28 Aug 2014
  10. richythomas

    richythomas Minimodder

    29 Apr 2009
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    Job: Data Centre Mobile Professional

    Wage: £30,000 + £1,700 on-call allowance + max 10% of annual salary in yearly bonus based on personal, department and overall company performance (was max 7.5%) + commercial livery vehicle (did have a company car but my department decided to save some cash so swapped it for a commercial vehicle).

    Max: Without checking I think my current banding max is around £37,000 plus on-call etc. Obviously higher managerial / professional grades (thus pay) possible.

    Is it worth it?

    I get to work with the latest servers (HP, Sun), storage (EMC, NetApp, HP) and network (mainly Cisco) equipment in and around the central belt (we have a few sites that come under our remit) so yes I guess I quite enjoy the job.

    However, overall I'm quite dislussioned with my job and am looking for a change. Maybe a change in direction. Very tempted to study for my JAA ATPL examinations for a complete change in career but the end result isn't as secure a position as I am in at the moment. An alternative would be to do a degree with the Open University for something to do (I've already got 60 points at Level 2 from the CCNA course I successfully completed with them).
  11. bestseany

    bestseany What's a Dremel?

    2 Jul 2009
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    Ha ha, you know what, I think I know what you're on about there.

    I went to college in Wrexham about 8 years ago, and I always remember walking past a camera shop near the centre of town that had pictures in the window of a middle aged ropey looking woman with fake boobs sitting in a sports car.
  12. memeroot

    memeroot aged and experianced

    31 Oct 2009
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  13. Alekoy

    Alekoy Ostekake!

    28 Dec 2003
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    Job: Service electrician for ships, w/ship exhaust catalyst expertise.
    Salary: Made about $96,000 last year, there is actually "no" limit, just put in some extra hours = extra pay, (normal pay for electrician in my company is about 64K.)
    Pros: Cheap electrical parts (as long as the boss don't know..), Company van (for work related stuff, or the goverment sends you LARGE fine), "I am my own boss", A lot of traveling.
    Cons: A lot of traveling, can be stressful at times, no need to plan your day off (if you do, it is no longer your day off)
    Worth it?: I'm getting a bit sick and tired of it, thinking of maybe getting a new job, but I am good at this job, and kind of like it after all...

    Please keep in mind that I live in Norway before you comment on the salary, here 1 liter of gasoline costs $2, a boring 2 year old vw passat costs $50,000 (just for comparison)
  14. ilikesimple

    ilikesimple AKA Scare100

    9 Jun 2010
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    How and where did you get your job?
    I'm looking for a job just like that.
  15. Cthippo

    Cthippo Can't mod my way out of a paper bag

    7 Aug 2005
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    Job: Emergency medical Technician (Gomer toter)

    Salary: $36,000 ish

    Worth it: Definatly.

    On a per hour basis my pay sucks, especially for the amount of training and continuing education I have to do, but on the other hand I get paid to sleep :D

    The best part of the job is that I get to help people on a direct, hands-on basis rather than as an abstraction. I'm part of the chain of care for many people, some of them critically ill. I'm perhaps not the most important cog in the machine, but none the less I and my co-workers have a role to play and without us there is a missing link in the chain of care.

    Another thing I love about this job is that it's totally unpredictable and still, after three years, regularly presents new challenges. Just the other day we were there to pick up a patient and flight crew from the helipad and transport them to the ED when the patient coded on the pad. 45 minutes after the patient was defibrilated she was awake and talking. It's not every day you get to play a (small) role in saving a life.
  16. Byron C

    Byron C Over-reacting and over-analysing since 1982

    12 Apr 2002
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    Job Title: Project Management Office/SAP-CM and Home Claims Subject Matter Expert

    Salary: £18k (excl. benefits)

    Worth it? Hard to say.

    My role is really loosely defined - I have an inside out knowledge of how the Claims department works, as well as how our software works (from an end user perspective). That means that I can provide advice to business analysts/project managers when we're changing how the software works. I do occasional PMO work as well; that means getting reports/progress updates submitted on time, managing risks/issues, cross-project updates, etc... "Greasing the wheels of the project", basically.

    It's given me a hell of a lot of valuable experience in large-scale software/process changes - I could easily walk into a well-paid Business Analyst position, or, with more training/experience, a project management role. The hours are pretty sweet too (for an office job at least): I work 0800-1530 Monday to Friday. At the same time though, we work to some seriously tight timescales and work has to be delivered on time - no exceptions - and the work really doesn't engage me at all. It has been worth it in one sense - especially after sinking nearly 8 years into this company - but that doesn't mean that I really like it.

    Way I see it, I can take the easy/safe option and carry on towards PM/BA - even though my heart's not really in it - or I can take a complete punt and risk changing career. What I really want to do is back in IT: systems/network administration, technical support, network management, etc...
  17. 13eightyfour

    13eightyfour Formerly Titanium Angel

    9 Sep 2003
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    Just changed jobs so:
    Title: Trainee Permissionist
    Salary: Less than before
    Is it Worth it? Yes! i get to spend more time with my family, Its more stable,no worrying about the next paycheck?

    Overall im so much more happy now than i was this time last year even though i now earn almost 3 times less! it really is true that money doesnt buy happiness.
  18. shoxicwaste

    shoxicwaste Minimodder

    2 Jul 2010
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    Job: Crew Member (McDonalds)

    Wage: 5k a year (20-30 hours a week)

    is it worth it? Considering the job requires no qualifications offers lots of potential to meet new people and get a taste of the real world I'd say YES

    Im 17 so im still subject of low wage (3.90per hour) however i do enjoy working there, and i have lots of fun!
  19. mars-bar-man

    mars-bar-man Side bewb.

    17 Apr 2009
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    Oh wow dude! I didn't even start on that low a wage!

    Job: Trainee Manager (McDonald's)

    Wage: £10k (More if I take on more hours)

    Is it worth it? Sometimes, depends on what I'm doing, running a shift? I've never been more stressed. But it's still fun. Think I'm going to miss the store I work at when I hit up Uni.
  20. Pieface

    Pieface Modder

    8 Mar 2009
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    Christ. £3.90? When I was 15 my job gave me £5.90

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