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Other Your most loved games?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Krikkit, 3 Oct 2010.

  1. Kiytan

    Kiytan Shiny

    2 Jul 2009
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    mass effect series: as has been said, just awesome. One of the very few games I've played to get moral choices very nearly right, it does have proper shades of grey
    (It's a big stupid jellyfish)

    Recent addition to the list, but its just so addictive, and with continuing updates It just seems to be getting better.

    Anarchy Online
    One of the first MMO's I played, love the setting, love the way equipment works (stat requirements > level requirements) love the community (one of the best communities of any MMO I've played)


    Full throttle
    And all the other lucasarts titles around that time (especially MI2), just stuck Full throttle on the list as it is the most badass.

    Civ 4
    However many years after it came out and I still play it semi regularly, the only reason it hasn't been replaced by civ5 is that I haven't got it yet (stupid lack of internet at home). Plus the mods are awesome (FFH2 is definatly worth checking out)
  2. theevilelephant

    theevilelephant Minimodder

    5 Jan 2006
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    Zelda (ocarina of time and majoras mask) Not a PC game but I damn it I loved those games, I wasted days of my life trying to complete majoras mask and in fact I never did, it's still sat at home with an old N64 so that I can one day finish it!

    Battlefield 2 Loved this game, at the time it seemed like the perfect mix, plus you could fly jets into helicopters :D

    Unreal Tournament 99 What needs to be said, spent so much time playing that game it's silly.

    Neverwinter Nights Devoted half of my teenage years to this game! Loved the multiplayer so much, I've not found an RPG to match it yet.

    EVE Online Only stopped playing because I haven't the time to spend on an MMO right now, otherwise I just loved the hugeness of it :)
  3. Tomhyde1986

    Tomhyde1986 What's a Dremel?

    25 Jul 2009
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    Diablo 2 My favourite game of all time. Been through the game with every class and a huge number of combinations of specs and gear. Dabbled a bit with hardcore as well to keep things fresh.

    Metal Gear Solid 3 The best of the series in my opinion. The gameplay and story are the best in the series. There aren't enough good things to say about MGS3.

    Planescape: Torment Possibly the best PC RPG ever made. The story is incredible. Very highly recommended now it can be obtained filthy cheap from Good Old Games.

    Starcraft 2 The story is epic, the gameplay nearly faultless. Maybe a few balancing issues that can be ironed out in time. By far my favorite RTS ever. It even managed to beat Total Annihilation to my number 1 RTS slot.

    Worms Armageddon So many happy hours blowing up worms with insane weapons..... oh the memories.

    Half Life 2 The best FPS of all time. Period

    There are a few more but I'd just be getting all nostalgic.
  4. boiled_elephant

    boiled_elephant Merom Celeron 4 lyfe

    14 Jul 2004
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    I couldn't agree more on either point. Morrowind basically was my adolescence. I must've played it longer than I sat in classrooms.
  5. Daddyfish

    Daddyfish What's a Dremel?

    6 Oct 2010
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    Without sounding like a fanboy Final Fantasy 7 is probably my favourite game of all time. Was the first game I spent playing over 100 hours before I completed it (included restarting the game several times as well as completing the majority of side quests.

    WoW is a game I used to enjoy during the Vanilla and BC stages, probably because being a student meant I could play hardcore and have better stuff than the majority of the people I played with.

    Halo 2 and MW2 are both FPS's that I've spent hundreds of hours playing on-line with friends and hence really enjoyed playing.
  6. benjjamin

    benjjamin needs MORE POWER!

    13 Sep 2010
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    Final fantasy 7 is my all time favourite, i can remember when i saw the advert on the tv then got it as soon as it came out, £44.99 i think it was and even to this day i still play it, iv completed it a couple of time but i mostley just fight emereld weapon and ruby weapon every now and then.
  7. boiled_elephant

    boiled_elephant Merom Celeron 4 lyfe

    14 Jul 2004
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    FFVII has weakened a lot with age as far as storytelling and character development go. At the time it was just a milestone: games didn't have characters, story-driven gameplay and humorous dialogue like that. It was revolutionary.

    Now, however, we have games like GTA4 and Mass Effect, and on recent replaying I've consequently found FFVII's fondly-remembered story and characters to actually be a bit weak. It had the misfortune to be the first game to do it, and consequently now compares badly to subsequent games.
  8. murraynt

    murraynt Modder

    6 Jun 2009
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    Dead space.
    Fallout 3.
    Cod 4.
    Wolvenstine(new one)

    There is some weird ones in there and i don't really know why i like them i just do.
  9. The Professor

    The Professor What's a Dremel?

    16 Feb 2010
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    EVE Online
    Company of Heroes
  10. Modsbywoz

    Modsbywoz Multimodder

    14 Oct 2009
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    UT GOTY - What's not to like, for me this was the epitome of FPS multilayer gaming imho. Single player was challenging and great fun.

    Quake 2 - My first go at FPS action. Will always remember this as my favourite game.

    Red Alert 2 - Favourite Command and Conquer/Stratergy

    WOW - It's just huge, shame i wont be able to discover all of it before it all gets changed with Cataclysm.

    Anyone remember Soldier of Fortune, thats on my faves list too. SoF2 isn't though.
    Last edited: 14 Oct 2010
  11. Jaberw0cky

    Jaberw0cky What's a Dremel?

    10 Mar 2010
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    Uplink - kinda suprised nobody else has mentioned this
    Mirrors Edge
    Front Mission 3 and 4 - 3 had a better story, 4 had better gameplay imo
    Jade Coccoon

    in roughly that order.
  12. superego

    superego What's a Dremel?

    14 Mar 2010
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    System Shock 2: One of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had. Set on a ship 67 trillion miles from Earth, you've got to find out what happened to the crew while you were in cryo-stasis, while fending off the freakish hybrid zombies and other annelid monstrosities roaming the dark, claustrophobic decks of the Von Braun. Combining RPG and FPS elements with a survival horror setting, you can upgrade your stats and skills as well as modify your weapons and unlock powerful psyonic abilities. Carry out research on the enemies to enhance your damage against them, hack into the security system to gain control of turrets and deactivate security cameras.

    Bioshock and Dead Space owe a lot to this game.

    Half-Life series: One of my joint-favourite series. The adventures of Gordon Freeman have been some of the best I've had in the virtual world. Exploring Black Mesa, escaping City 17, fleeing from the blast radius of the Citadel explosion, and travelling to White Forest - just pure magic! I am waiting for Episode 3 with baited breath. Highway 17 is quite possible my favourite section from any videogame.

    STALKER series: Just awesome. The atmosphere of this game is so cold and lonely. It really does feel like a survival horror game, given the harsh environment and constant threat of mutants and bandits. The science fiction surrounding the games storyline is very alluring - it even prompted me to recently buy the novel it's based on - Roadside Picnic.

    Resident Evil series: The original game that brought survival horror to the masses. The simple 2D-rendered locations and 'forced' camera angles made this feel like a Hitchcock or Carpenter movie. But the move to full 3D was just as good. Resident Evil 4 being possibly the best game in the series - at least for me. The mansion, Raccoon City, the creepy Eastern-European village - just great locations!

    Metal Gear Solid series: I play this for the story more than the 'game' aspect. The amount of background information surrounding the plot is brilliant. Military terminology thrown about te place really adds to the experience for me. Hearing about the genome project, DARPA, nanomachines, AI, proxy wars, the Patriots, PMC's, SOP - its all fantasticly inventive and possibly a sign of things to come the way real-world technology is headed. And the characters are some of the best in video games. Solid, Liquid, Vamp, Gray Fox, with Ocelot possibly being the best (he's actually similar to Albert Wesker when you think about it). And the fact that he's known by the mujahadeen as Shalashaska just makes him even more of a badass!

    Starcraft series: My very first RTS was Starcraft, and the newly-released Starcraft 2 is my current favourite RTS ever. The overall story arc with the Terrans caught in the middle of a primal fued between the Zerg and the Protoss is very compelling, with our emotional view of the events rooted through the central protagonist, Jim Raynor. Base-building is very satisfying and though dated, remains my favourite approach to ground-based RTS games.

    Homeworld 1 and 2: Just awesome. Gorgeous visuals and very believable ship designs along with easy-to-learn controls make these classics in my eyes. The only negative is the steep learning curve.

    Total Annihilation (and Kingdomws too): ZOMG! Look at the size of my army!!!!! And look at all my laser cannons! You're on the other side of the map!?


    Nobody can hide from a cannon that can shoot across an entire map! LOL!

    Transport Tycoon (Deluxe) / OpenTTD - PC (1994/1995): Someone already mentioned this game. When I first played it I was surprised at how addictive it was. Once you get a few train networks up and running and see the cash rolling in the grin won't disappear for a second!

    Rollercoaster Tycoon: For similar reasons as the above entry. Except designing rollercoasters that look awesome is awesome! And the popularity of go-karts guarantees to make you rich!

    Alpha Centauri: A spin-off from the Civilisation games. Some people hate it - I love it. The science-fiction setting just appeals to me more. The crazy futuristic technologies, the strange ideologies of a society so far removed from that on Earth, the ecosystem of 'Planet' - I'd love to explore this setting more in another genre such as an RPG or an FPS.

    Borderlands: "There ain't no rest for the wicked! Money don't grow on trees! I got bills to pay, I got mouths to feed. There ain't nothin' in this world for free!"

    I love the opening to this game. The atmosphere of Pandora with it's Wild-West style frontier setting and characters make for a really fun experience. I doubt it would have been as enjoyable without the cell-shaded graphics. The loot system of randomly-generated guns with crazy-awesome stats is just epic! Loot-runs never get boring for me. I personally enjoy being a Medic as Roland the soldier, whereby shooting my buddies heals their wounds.

    Diablo 2: This game coupled with its expansion Lord of Desctruction[/b] have caused my late nights levelling up and fighting toughter monsters for uber-loot, only to spur me on to level more to use said loot and kill bigger beasties for better loot, and so on and so on. I can't wait for Diablo 3 and I've also got the brilliant Torchlight to keep me going until it's released.

    Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion: Just huge! Morrowind and Tamriel are teeming with places to go, people to see, epix to loot and mobs to kill. The freeform nature of the game is only compounded by an overly-complex and unforgiving levelling system. But I think the content is that good that I gladly persevere with it.

    Fallout 3: Take Oblivion, replace the levelling system with that of Fallouts, the sci-fi setting with that of Fallouts, and you've got one of the best modern open-world RPG's ever! Taking heads off in slow-motion with a Shotgun at point-blank range in VATS-mode never gets old! Watch that brain splatter and don't step on his eyeballs!

    Grand Theft Auto 3: For me, this is the greatest incarnation of the open-world driving-shooter that took over the world. Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas are extremely well-designed and full of ways to waste your time. I love driving round Liberty City at night, listening to the radio. The ambience of that has a special place in my heart.

    Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: The atmosphere of this game is one of my favourites. It's hard to explain but I really could just live in that shitty apartment in Santa Monica if you could assure me the sun would never come up ever again. I'd just lie on the bed, getting drunk listening to The Deb of Night[/b]. The conversations you have in that game are some of the best I've had in games, and once you start putting experience points into your vampiric disciplines it just gets better. Pick locks, hack computers, intimidate, manipulate, seduce, fight and shoot your way through sewers, abandoned warehouses, luxurious hotels, quiet apartment blocks, dark alleys, nightclubs, a spooky seaside hotel (I love you, The Shining!) and many awesome-looking LA streets in Santa Monica, Downtown, Hollywood and Chinatown. But watch out for the thugs, vampires, ghouls, ghosts, werewolves and hookers.

    Actually, the hookers are hot! They can stay! You can even cheat to make their tits bigger. Now that's what games are missing!

    Deus Ex: The ambience of this lonely, grim future is similar in feeling to Bloodlines above, as well as System Shock 2. Poverty is rife, the government is corrupr and secretive, with shady deals and secret projects behind every closed door. And with nano-augmentation on the horizon, big things are coming with you right in the middle of it all. The gameplay is very similar to System Shock 2 in that you can mode your weapons, hack into systems, improve your skills etc. You can even approach objectives in a multitude of ways. Take the first level - the Statue of Liberty. You can hack the terminal and go in through the front door. Or find another, quieter way in. Or just jump up crates and containers to get to the upper level. Sniper rifles, handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, knives, crowbars (Hello, Mr Freeman!) batons, energy swords, rocket launchers - it's got everything. Even a huge flamethrower that takes up half your inventory!

    Star Wars Supremacy: Released in 1998, this game is epic win! With access to upto 200 planets in the Star Wars galaxy, you can colonize uninhabitet worlds, subjugate inhabited ones, or free them to win their favour. Then it's time to build. Construction yards build facilities such as shipyards, training facilities, mines, refineries, shields and planetary lasercannons. But the real epix win is the starships. Imperial Star Destroyers, Dreadnaughts, Rebel Blockade Runners, Mon Calimari starcruisers, frigates, strike cruisers, assault shuttles, TIE Fighters, X-Wings - even the dreaded Death Star is available for construction. And the numbers are incredible. I've had battles consisting of hundreds of ships. The grapics are dated, but the gameplay is timeless! If you can grab this on Ebay or in a bargain bin then do ot let it slip away! It's far superior to the more recent Empire at War games.

    X3: Terran Conflict: A better interface than X3: Reunion, but with all the core features of Build, Think, Fight, Trade. I'm personally a trader and a builder. I haven't played it much but I'm already in love. I dream of the day when I have multiple space stations churning out components to build my very own fleet of starships. I'm still waiting for an MMO like this to come out. I don't want to be limited by Eve's controls- I want to fly the ship myself.

    Minecraft: This game is addictive. With a gameworld limited by the size of your hard drive, this is somethign very special indeed. Explore the world and pick a spot to start building, and never stop! Mine the stone, coal, iron, gold and diamonds to make tools, plant the saplings to grown the trees to cut the wood. Turn sand into glass with a furnace. Turn clay into bricks the same way. Build a boat, find an island - do it all again! Link the two sites with a bridge, or a tunnel. Build a floating island, or a city under the sea surrounded by glass! I've seen a screenshot where someone's built Bioshock: Infinite's Columbia in the sky. This is one to get into sooner rather than later. Once the multiplayer's out of Alpha this will be huge! Nay - gargantuan (it's already huge).
  13. prune

    prune What's a Dremel?

    19 Sep 2010
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    I'm going to have to say Baldur's gate (2 in particular) - I still play that game today, and there's lots of mods still being developed for it. It's an amazing game.
  14. Mechh69

    Mechh69 I think we can make that fit

    16 Sep 2009
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    Medal Of Honor the first one with the expansions, Awsome game played through a few times

    COD all of the up to MW (wife forbids me to buy more games):wallbash: Want MW2

    Assisans creed This game was freeking awsome I have played it through a couple times (but its strange that i have to criple my comp to play it now)I want Assisans Creed 2 but see above (but i wont give up trying)

    WOW This has been my go to game for a few years, I think i like it so much as you have almost as much PVP as you do questing! After you level the first few (3,70's 4, 80's)char up it gets really painful to go back and level another class! Another thing i like about it is when you get with a good guild its fun to play or just get on and chat.
  15. Hardware150

    Hardware150 Minimodder

    8 Jul 2006
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    I agree with a lot of the games already on here, but im just going to add one of my personal favorites that ive not seen anyone else post.

    Wild Arms 2

    Completed it about 4 times, so many twists and turns, cool puzzles and cool battles, but the story stands out above everything else.
  16. ulfar

    ulfar holy s**t, i can change this?

    5 Oct 2010
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    EVE online
    just awesome. 35 000 plus on the same server, 2000 in the same system. all the things you can do. great game

    diablo 2 with LOD
    i wasted so much time on this game.

    gt 1, 2, 3 and 5(once/if it's released)

    Shogun total war
    one of the best turn based strategys out there

    final fantasy
    most of them are good, favourites: 7 and 8

    neverwinter nights

    icewind dale


    by far one of the best mmo's out there, and i've played alot of them

    the old c&c's

    total annihilation

    man i probably forgot some...
    oh well
  17. markbrett64

    markbrett64 thanks to denial I am now immortal

    12 Jan 2010
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    This is going to make me feel old... but...

    Original 3.5" floppy disk version of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge... which I still own.
    Way of the Exploding Fist on the C64
    Daley Thompson Decathalon on the C64
    Epic on the A500
    Frontier Elite 2 on the A500
    Cannon Fodder
    Kings Quest series
    Space Quest series
    Duke Nukem II
    two arcade games which I spent hours on and cannot remember the names... a vertical shooter and a dungeon type sideways scroller that I think was called Black Dragon/Tiger... both c. 1984-87
    Nuclear Strike
    Super Mario Brothers
    Missile Command
    Road Rash... the first game I every played on a LAN, we used play in the office after work.
    Tekken 2
    Gran Turismo
    System Shock
    this could take a while... so skipping to more modern times:-

    Half life
    Company of Heroes
    Shogun: Total War
    CoD 2
    Mass Effect 2
    Dragon Age

    Wow... that's a lot of time...
  18. Cookiemonster101

    Cookiemonster101 What's a Dremel?

    30 Jan 2005
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    Starsiege: Tribes - This could also include Tribes 2. Best memories from a game I've ever had. Played this for most of my younger childhood. I really don't think it gets the credit it deserves for influencing online multiplayer gaming. The community and mods are what really made this game special.

    Unreal Tournament 2004 - I spent a ludicrous amount of time on this game in high school. Met and played with many great people throughout the years, ranging from help seeking noobs to the elite players. Not to mention the addicting gameplay, which may be surprising considering my play mostly consisted of team deathmatch and 1v1 matches.

    Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker - Something about this game clicked with me. After finishing it I played through the boss battle at least 10 more times, just to see the ending again. This may be sad, but WW is the only Zelda game that I've actually finished. The graphics were cool (seemed much more emotional), the puzzles were fun, and the story/characters were great as well.

    Freelancer - I've always wanted a sequel to this game. One day I found a random DVD lying around, most likely left by my brothers, with 'freelancer' scribbled on it. I installed it, knowing nothing about it beforehand, and ended up finishing the game in a couple days. Needless to say, the story and gameplay blew me away. I guess I'll just keep wishing.

    Half Life 2 - One of few games to actually scare the **** out of me (Ravenholm anyone?) while bringing me into such close relationships with the characters. I love the fast pace, which rolls along smoothly with the soundtrack and environment. Honestly, this is making me want to play it all the way through again right now. And no I didn't finish the original Half Life, or the expansion packs. It seems as though my favorite games are the only ones that have convinced me to beat them completely haha. Oh and one more thing! DOG has to be one of my favorite characters ever, he's so awesome. Never fails to put a smile on your face or, you know, save your life.

    Starcraft - I guess this deserves a spot. One word: addicting.

    Medal of Honor: Allied Assault / Call of Duty - Seriously. Back in the day, the D-Day level on Omaha Beach was so mind numbingly awesome. I haven't played it recently but it was one of the first WWII shooters that I played. That level alone just seemed so real. Call of Duty came later but still managed to blow me away with it's effects and really made me feel like I was running into Stalingrad with no weapon, shitting myself.
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  19. nemo

    nemo Foregone Destruction

    16 Jun 2010
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    XCOM : UFO Defense / UFO: Enemy Unknown
    That you could re-name each member of your squad was a touch of genius. It would make you weepy like a proud parent when a previously useless squaddie produced a one-hit kill reflex shoot out of nowhere. Or lifelong grudges when a hotshot fluffed an easy one. "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GARETH ! How could you miss that ?:jawdrop:". Though thinking about it, Steve Martin & Tommy Cooper were also squad regulars which was kind of appropriate
  20. samkiller42

    samkiller42 For i AM Cheesecake!!

    25 Apr 2006
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    Sonic The Hedgehog 2
    Worms 2
    Command & Conquer (Most of the Series)
    Halo (All Series)
    Flatout 2


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