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HTPC Zotac, Jetway, and Foxconn Booksize PCs

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by whiterook6, 5 Apr 2012.

  1. whiterook6

    whiterook6 New Member

    28 Jul 2007
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    How do you guys feel about booksize PCs? I built my own desktop and enjoy building PCs but I'm looking for something I can bolt on to the back of my tv and forget about. Do you have any experience? I'm not limited to those brands but they are the most prevalent on NewEgg.ca which is where I'll likely buy from:

    NewEgg.ca Barebone Sytems

  2. Mac_Trekkie

    Mac_Trekkie Source Engine's #1 fan!

    10 Sep 2011
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    I have used a Zotac ZBox before, they're great little machines. Stick an SSD in them, they feel perfectly snappy doing not too demanding things. Once it gets demanding then it gets slower, but for just browsing the internet or playing games from the Half-Life area and earlier they're great.

    As far as processors go, I only have experience with the VIA Nano X2 version and Dual Core Atom versions.

    VIA Nano X2: Blows the Atom out of the water in single threaded tasks. The Atom's with hyperthreading have a slight edge in multithreaded tasks that can use it. The letdown is the VIA VX900 media chipset, which has poor drivers and even besides that is a tripe sandwich for game performance. It also runs significantly cooler than Atom+ION systems.

    Atom Dual Core: nVidia ION gives it a huge lead in graphics performance, while the hyperthreaded Atom gives it a slight advantage in properly multithreaded tasks.

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