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Displays ZR2740W faulty

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by CrapBag, 26 May 2016.

  1. CrapBag

    CrapBag Multimodder

    17 Jul 2008
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    I currently have a ZR24W monitor but I have found this one on ebay which allow me to get the higher res I desire and was wondering if anyone thinks it might be an easy fix.

    Obviously that's probably an open ended question as we don't know what's wrong with it.

    These things tend to be bad caps and I'm skilled enough to dismantle and repair it if the problem is obvious.

    Does anyone think its likely to be the caps?

  2. Broadwater06

    Broadwater06 Minimodder

    10 Apr 2016
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    It happened to my Samsung TV - it went dark then only sound and then refused to switch on anymore. It was a blown cap and replaced it with a power board because I haven't got a soldering station. Perhaps and blown caps are common.
  3. blackerthanblack

    blackerthanblack Minimodder

    17 Sep 2004
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    I can't get the link at work but the most common issues seem to be either caps, the LCD, or the backlight.

    I've replaced a few caps to bring displays back to life, the last one on my old TV where I just replaced all the power board caps as the TV was quite old and there were a few that were bulging.

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