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A Free Zune you Say?

Discussion in 'General' started by sui_winbolo, 5 May 2007.

  1. sui_winbolo

    sui_winbolo Giraffe_City

    25 Sep 2004
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    Yeah, that's right, all mine!

    I won my Zune yesterday at the MSU-Bottineau Tech Prep Day, we took 1st so we each got one (4 of us).

    Here's the brochure for it
    http://www.misu-b.nodak.edu/summercamp/2007Tech Prep Day brochure.pdf

    We got there a little before 9, and we all met in the gym. They told us what was going to happen and than told us to get some shirts. We decided to go with the orange shirts because orange is cool. For our first class of the day we went to Windows Networking. They grouped us two Westhope teams together to learn Networking and for the other classes. They walked us through a few steps, I wrote everything down and a plan of execution for the final event. Brad, who is the professor that does Networking & Operating systems, was trying us to show us something but the Security setting for Folders wasn't showing up on our computers. Just his. He stopped and tried to figure it out what was wrong, but he couldn't at the time. So he went on. Well I know I've done this on my computer before. I ended up finding how to enable that Security setting and I told him that I figured out to do it. Earlier one of my friends from the other team said, "yeah, I bet Jacob is going to end up correcting one of the teachers." Sure enough I did, my friend just gave me a stare of "omg, did that just happen?!"

    We moved onto Web Design after a small break, they taught us some html and how to build a basic website in Notepad. I was answering all the questions she asked us. Because, well I knew it all. Though it really helped me in the end, a lot more than I thought it would. It refreshed my memory about html codes.

    Last class was pc repair, didn't learn anything there except that he said they will disconnect one thing on the inside of the computer. I was like sweet, going to be easy enough.

    Final Competition
    We all met in the gym, each table down there had two computers setup, a team had two computer to repair, network, and Remotely connect the computers to each other, than finally build a website to look like this website that was printed out on paper.

    They said we could get started, we got to our computers, I took apart one computer & Erik took apart the other computer, the hard drive was unplugged on mine, that was all. On Erik's nothing was unplugged, so I told him to power it on, it started up, and I told him to put the case together. In the mean time Randi Jo & Bethanie started connecting all the cords, keyboard and mouse to the computers. I told Randi Jo to start putting the case back together for my computer and I connected the network switch to the computers. As soon as I did that Erik & I started on the computers.

    We both setup static IP addresses on each computer, created user accounts, created a group, and remotely connected my computer to his. I was freaking out though, we couldn't get our computers to connect, everything was setup correctly, but it just wouldn't. After about 10 minutes we got them to see each other on the Network, but we couldn't get Erik's computer to remotely connect to my computer, but I could with mine. I seriously didn't think we would win. I was really, really worried. But I stayed focused.

    Brad looked over it, gave us the go ahead to start with the webpage. They handed us a CD & 3 pages of a printed out website. On the CD there was images to use for the webpage, and the text was typed out in notepad for use to format to look like the printed out website.

    This was the final thing we had to do, first Randi Jo started out coding the website, I asked her if she wanted me to do it because I can do it faster, she's like yeah and I sit down. I start going at it and it ended up taking me about 20 minutes I think. I'm not quite sure because I was in the "zone". Randi Jo & Beth were giving me html color codes when I asked for them, Erik was helping me by telling me what to do next, and we got it done super fast.

    We had the professor & a web design student look it over, they picked out a couple things, I corrected them really fast, and they said congratulations, you guys got 1st place! She stood up on a chair and announced it to everyone that Westhope got 1st place!

    It all came down to the website, this final competition was all about speed and how much you could get done in time. We were the only team to finish in time. We had about 15 minutes to spare too. That's where we excelled the most at. I couldn't have done it without my team of course, but I was the reason why we won, I was the ringer, lol.

    This is the website I created, I had to do all the code in notepad. All there was for us was just the text typed out, had to insert images, font color, font face, heading tags, alignment, etc. Simple stuff, but still take time to do.


    When I'm done transferring all my red vs blue episodes to it I'll upload more pictures of it. w00t

    Winning was of the greatest feelings in the World, we took 1st, we were over confident we would, and we ended up doing what we said we would do! It was a great moment.

    What's really great is that my future professors know who I am now and they know that I know my stuff. :rock:

    I'll be attending MSU-Bottineau this Fall for

    Network Engineering
    -Computer Systems Technology
    -Information Assurance/Network Security
    -Operating Systems Technology

    I'm also thinking about picking up Web Design & Web Master. But I'm not sure about that yet.
  2. Xiachunyi

    Xiachunyi What's a Dremel?

    3 Nov 2003
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    Congratulations on winning first place and getting recognized. :clap:

    Sounded like a pretty interesting and fun day for you and your teammates.
  3. bloodcar

    bloodcar Minimodder

    1 Sep 2002
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    Congrats man. I want a Zune but I'm not gonna pay for it.

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