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Case Mod - In Progress Antec 902 Log (no name yet)

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by Jack, 7 Aug 2009.

  1. Jack

    Jack Minimodder

    22 Dec 2002
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    Hi People

    Welcome to my log, it is possible gonna be the most simple mod on ere nowt special :)
    Just wanted to show other Antec 902 users possibilties for the case.

    Right anyway onto pictures just a few for starters

    Inside the case as it is now, note the PSU is wrong way and feet are different more on that another day when i have better pics to show ( feet are temp for now untl more come)
    spec is...

    Intel i7 920
    Asus P6T SE
    OCZ Gold 6x2gb
    2X Powercolor 4890
    Coolermaster 850w PSU

    Right first things first the front i have the following to mount and a bayres

    Bayres install
    Installed as norm looks ok but we can do better?

    OOOOHH much better :D

    RAD prep
    to install the rad i have removed the HDD cages leaving JUST enough room for the RAD more on that tomorrow

    thats day one, not much but dont expect there to be much lol :thumb:
  2. UltraModder

    UltraModder Play Hard!

    23 Mar 2009
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    I like the 902 cases. If i had 50 more dollars i would get it instead of the 300 that im getting soon. I dont know if im going to mod it though.
  3. M7ck

    M7ck Ⓜod Ⓜaster

    28 Mar 2009
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    I like the 902 (wasnt a fan of original 900) I will be watching this.

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