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Cheap P3 mobos, anyone?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Yo-DUH_87, 19 Aug 2003.

  1. Yo-DUH_87

    Yo-DUH_87 Who you calling tiny?

    6 Mar 2002
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    Ok, since I was unable to revive the poor patient, I am in need of a cheap motherboard for the surviving P3 Socket 370 700MHz processor, 128mb of PC-100, etc.

    It needs to have support for the above components, and also onboard audio/video. I realy don't care about the rest, except a non-intel board (the chipset can be intel) would be nice, and I'd like it to be as cheap as it can possibly be had for.

    It also helps if the reseller is located in the US :D :D

    Thanks for your help guys!
  2. Amorphus

    Amorphus What's a Dremel?

    25 Feb 2003
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    thats the best one I could find on Newegg, $57, its a bit short on PCI slots, though.

    Product Link
  3. Silver Talon

    Silver Talon What's a Dremel?

    3 Aug 2003
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    When I was looking for a cheap P3 mobo, I found the Acorp 6A815EPD for $39 shipped. Dual P3, 5 PCI's, 4x AGP, 3 RAM, ATA-100, and on-board PromiseTech RAID. It seemed like they were making a run on them to get rid of them so I figured that I'd get one to see how well it worked, and I can honestly say, I do not have any complaints about this board. I've had it for about 8 months now and it has not given me any problems.

    Here's a link to a review site about it..

    Acorp 6A815EPD Review

    When it comes to finding them, they are on EBay, and I'm sure if you look around, you'll find them elsewhere. Might be worth a look, and might not be what you are looking for. My setup is not quite like the one reviewed, but here's what I have in it.

    1 P3-866 in CPU Socket 1 (don't have to run them dual)
    CoolJag JAC103C HSF
    2x 256MB PC-133 RAM
    30GB Maxtor ATA-133 (running at ATA-100) on primary IDE
    8X DVD and 12x10x32 Lite-On CD-RW on secondary IDE
    ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 128
    SB Live Mp3 5.1
    Hayes Modem
    3COM Nic
    Askey TV Tuner

    It runs all the newest games, though not as fast as a newer AMD or P4 system would. I am looking to get another CPU to speed things up when working on graphics and other non-gaming goodies. I have not had any problems with stability or it just crapping out for no reason. I was told by a few people that there's no way you can get a good dual P3 board with on-board RAID for less then $75-$100 and they told me that I'd be buying a junk board if I only pay $40 for it. They have sense changed their tune now that they see that this board is just as good as anything else, except one thing that I'm a little upset about. I want to have more memory, but it will become a home file server, FTP and HTTP server in about 4 months so no need for more then 512MB. Other then that... this was the best purchase that I have made in a long time regarding my PC. If you can find one, I totally suggest that you grab it. If anything, get another CPU and use it as a server... or put Win2K Pro or WinXP Pro on it and enjoy SMP.

    Hope this was not too much, but if anything, it'll show someone that you can get something good for little to nothing, so don't overlook something just because you've never heard of them or you can't believe that something that costs so little can be such a good product.

    Silver Talon

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