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do you mod for a living?

Discussion in 'General' started by xakman, 28 May 2004.

  1. xakman

    xakman What's a Dremel?

    28 May 2004
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    hi, this is my first post here. i have been lurking around for the past couple of days and have red almost 30 pages of posts(in the modding area). since i was a child i have always took apart stuff and built my own things. just the other day i realized what i hade actually been doing was MODing things to my liking. so i am in my second year of college and like most still don't know what i want to do. well i know i like moding and creating things. so now to my question.....What type of jobs allow you to use and express these talents?

    if it is relevant i work now with a guy doing interior trim and building cabnets and other carpentry goods. i like creating with wood, but i don't like to work in the hot weather.

    thanx in advance for your responces,
  2. MarcelloRupelli

    MarcelloRupelli What's a Dremel?

    30 Jul 2003
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    Howdy, welcome aboard! Can I welcome people aboard? *shrugs*

    Anyway, I mod more or less full time. I think you'd have to be amazingly productive to make much of a living at it. Almost to the point of mass-producing, which defeats the purpose of modding. I've been doing this for a year now, and I think I've made more money off side projects than actually modding. Not to discurage you or anything. Just my experience. I think most professional modders do it as a part-time or side-project thing.

    It sounds like you've got a similar background. I've always taken everything apart that's within my reach. I think that's great. Best way to learn how something works is by breaking it :D

    As for a job that'd be similar to this, I'd have to say car restoration and customizing. Pretty much all the same processes involved. Design, fabrication, paint... In fact, I see Lunagen Labs moving in that direction already. I plan on always doing computer stuff tho. It's part of my philosophy to mess with everything possible.
  3. Gordy

    Gordy Evil Teddy

    17 Apr 2001
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    I work as a semi professional modder , I'd love to do it full time. Its is one of the best things in the life to have a job that is your hobby.

    There aren't many people who make a living out of modding , I can think of only half a dozen worldwide at the most. :)

    As Marcello says most people do it like me as a side thing , something to pay for their own mod work or extra cash for the little things in life :)

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