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Networks Forgetfull Zone Alarm!!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by oshta, 11 Jun 2004.

  1. oshta

    oshta Guest

    I have just updated Zone Alarm, the problem is it keeps forgeting my "selections"

    ie, when it pops up "MSN messinger is trying to access the internet" and i tick "rember my answer" and click "allow"

    - It doesnt remember!!! :wallbash: and comes up again next time :duh:
    - the weird thing is, somthings it does rember

    - can any one help me before i go totaly insine and have to uninstall it :worried:

    thanks daniel
  2. oshta

    oshta Guest

    anyone, surely other people are having this problem :worried:
  3. Draxin

    Draxin Seeker of Photons

    29 Nov 2001
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    iv had this problem, not only with msn messanger, but windows messanger, and a few games. i think i hiot on something while installing a few patches for a game. after each patch was installed and i would try to play ZA would ask me if i wanted to allow it to connect, now i had checked the remember this answer button and hit yes. well i think (and i could very well be wrong, it happens alot) that has something to do with the version number of the EXE file. any time it changes it seems to ask again. maybe the EXE file is being changed by something? a virus, auto update, dont know. this is just what i have seen with my own 2 eyes on my machines.
  4. Highland3r

    Highland3r Minimodder

    25 Jul 2003
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    Mine did it as well, but then it magically fixed itelf, not quite sure how lol!
  5. oshta

    oshta Guest

    dam this is annoying

    - with MSN it come up with "changed program" - so maybe it a problem with MSN

    - but for other programs, like soulseek, AVG update etc it just comes up as if it had never asked, and when i look in the prograns list, It is even there!!!! not at all not even as a program that needs to ask, it just int on the list!!!

  6. Piratetaco

    Piratetaco is always right

    15 Apr 2004
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    i'm having some bad problems with ZA.everytime i restart the PC my whole program list disappears.
  7. oshta

    oshta Guest

    yeah, mines fine till i resboot/switchoff

    - dam ZoneLabs - they used to be cool
  8. ThrrrpT

    ThrrrpT What's a Dremel?

    2 Jan 2002
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    make sure the registry key "WaitToKillServiceTimeout reads 20000 it can be found @

    if that doesnt work try shutting down via a diferent method
    (ive noticed that this happens to me when i shut down via the power button on my keyboard but does not happen when i shut down via start menu)
  9. oshta

    oshta Guest

    yeah, thats fine (the registary)

    - they relased another update (5.0.590.043) a few days ago, and since i installed that it has been better, maybe there aware theres aproblem and trying the cure it, mayeb i''ll email them again

    thanks anyway, daniel
  10. Anator

    Anator What's a Dremel?

    26 Feb 2004
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    Make sure you choose 'upgrade' and not 'fresh install' when you update ZA, i also prefer to set the program managment into 'low mode' where it just automatically adds programs. I then check the list manually every few weeks and block the ones that i dont want to have access :)
  11. oshta

    oshta Guest

    yeah, well after a bit more expermenting

    - it seam that it is beacuse it has a problem with me using the power button to kill it, and if i shut him down via that start menu it fine

    - but that so annoying, OMG :duh: :wallbash:

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