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A/V Headphone recommendations

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Elspuddy, 20 Dec 2017.

  1. Elspuddy

    Elspuddy Minimodder

    2 Oct 2001
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    I'm going to buy an iphone 8 soon and I know it dose not have a 3.5" headphone port, so what Bluetooth adapters/headphones do you recommend, my current headphones sennheiser hd201
  2. Big Elf

    Big Elf Oh no! Not another f----ing elf!

    23 Apr 2009
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    You've not mentioned a price range so I'm going to suggest the expensive but excellent B&O H7s. We have 2 pairs of these and both looked new out of the box and work perfectly. A big advantage is that they have easily sourced removable batteries so even though they have a 20 hour life it's easy to extend that.

    I have Bluetooth dongles that work well but I think you may find that together with the headphone cables they make them too bulky and awkward to use. You may find the batteries on these are a bit variable as to capacity but the seller will send you another one without hassle if you complain.

    For a pair of cheap Bluetooth earphones these Esonstyle are pretty hard to beat at that price and are surprisingly good provided you get a good 'seat' in your ear canal.
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  3. hyperion

    hyperion Minimodder

    30 Jun 2007
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    If you like your HD201 and don't mind staying wired you might be better off with a lightning adaptor.

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