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Blogs How old is your hardware?

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by brumgrunt, 22 May 2012.

  1. Jedibeeftrix

    Jedibeeftrix What's a Dremel?

    20 Jan 2011
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    i buy a new pc every two years or thereabouts, and recycle old pc's into less demanding jobs.

    current pc is two years old, but still six cores at 3.6ghz so i settled for an msi 7970 lightning.

    however, the previous pc was given to my mum for gaming and the six year old htpc is dead on its feet, so i will be building a new 'console' for the living room in a fortress mini shortly.
  2. Skill3d

    Skill3d Minimodder

    29 Sep 2005
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    still running on a 6yr old:

    s939 opteron 165 @ 2.4 Ghz
    DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR
    2Gb (2x1) G.skill PC4000 DDR 500 GBHZ
    Sapphire ATI x1950pro 512mb
    W XP Pro with a lot of tweaks

    Although my PSU just died and it doesn't seem to work with a new Be Quiet dark power pro 650 watts :(
  3. yanis

    yanis What's a Dremel?

    18 Oct 2011
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    Intel Pentium Core 2 Quad E9650 processor @3.4 ghz
    Asus P5K premium wi-fi Motherboard Black Pearl Edition
    His Radeon IceQ Turbo Radeon 6970 2GB
    NZXT Apollo PC Case (Black)
    Corsair HX 620watt Modular PSU
    4GB OCZ HPC PC2-8500 DDR2 Memory (4X1GB)
    18x DVD-RW/CD-RW Optical Drive
    main hdd Samsung spinpoint F3 1TB
    two Seagate Barracuda Hard Drives SATA II 320GB
    Windows 7 64bit
    creative X-Fi extreme gamer sound card
    Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU Cooler
    removed origonal drive HDD bay and added a lan Li caddy for 3 drives in 5.25 inch front bays so graphics card could fit.
  4. MeddlE

    MeddlE Norwegian Blue

    23 May 2011
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    Still running the following;

    Intel Q9650 @ 3.6
    Gigabyte EP45 mobo
    4GB ram
    Radeon 4890
    Seasonic S12 650w
    X-Fi platinum

    Lack of money means no upgrades although might get a 7850 soon to replace the 4890. Trickle-down means the GF gets the 4890 and the kids get her 3870 which should be a nice step-up from their X1900XT.
  5. brooksy

    brooksy What's a Dremel?

    24 Apr 2009
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    Sabertooth x58 motherboard I bought a gtx580 a month or so second hand. I am tempted by sandy/ivy bridge but not too much.
  6. B1GBUD

    B1GBUD ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Accidentally Funny

    29 May 2008
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    Still rocking a Q6700 (not even overclocked at the moment) with an 8800GTX.

    While it's still adequate for my needs, I plan a major upgrade soon!
  7. Digi

    Digi The not-so-funny Cockney

    23 Nov 2009
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    Just upgraded from a AMD x3 450 and a 4870 to the system in my sig..

    I still have a working 9800 pro by the way!
  8. jamsand

    jamsand Minimodder

    21 May 2011
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    I use a lot of old tch in my pc and it still trounces the games i play.

    I'm using a i7 950 and a sapphire 5870(only recently upgraded from 5850 as i had a waterblock for it lying around)

    Games like TF2
    mass effect 2(still need to go get an origins account grrr)
    and indie games such as the killing floor or heist all run with full settings at m 2048x1156 res

    That said i dare say that once i get round to getting BF3 and ofcourse borderlands 2 (drools) it'll be time to get an upgrade to a 600 series card but 3 years ain't bad for a system specially since the 1366 will last me a few years still.
  9. iwog

    iwog Linux cursed

    14 Jun 2007
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    The thing I find most interesting about the steam survey is that whilst 70% of people "have a mic" only 40-50% of people have voice coms (40% + 18% TS next highest voice com less overlap). Also TS > Vent and no Mumble?
  10. warriorpoet

    warriorpoet What's a Dremel?

    2 Nov 2008
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    I usually upgrade GPU every 1-2 years and CPU/Mobo every 2-4. Storage takes a looooooooooooooong time for me to get around to, but I did it right with my last upgrade. With everything under water and a strict requirement for near-silence I tend to stay more static than my enthusiast brethren.

    i5 2500k
    8 Gb DDR3 1600
    120 Gb Corsair Force 3
    120 Gb Samsung 470 (carryover)
    750 Gb WD notebook drive (in enclosure)
    Seasonic x-760 PSU (carryover)

    I do have a spare gtx570/80 waterblock laying around... ;)

    Q9550 (from C2D E6600)
    8Gb DDR2 800 (from 4Gb DDR2 800)
    HD4890 (from 8800GTX, from 6800GT)
    120 Gb Samsung 470 (mid-use upgrade)
    500Gb Seagate HDD
    Seasonic x-760
  11. Anakha

    Anakha Minimodder

    6 Sep 2002
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    Let's see. This rig is rocking an AMD FX-6100 on an ASUS M5A99X EVO, with 16GB (4x4GB) of Patriot DDR-3 RAM. And then my upgrade funds ran WAY out. So it's also rocking a GeForce 9600GT, 250GB hard-drive, all in an Apevia X-Supra case, and hooked up to an Acer P223W 23" (1680x1050) monitor. Still, does very well (Especially now it's not starved for RAM).
  12. GregTheRotter

    GregTheRotter Minimodder

    9 Aug 2008
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    I upgrade my cpu/ram/mobo every four to five years. Before my i7 920 I had an AMD X2 4600. Graphics get similar treatment if I can help it. I had my 8800GTX for five years, and only recently when that died and it got replaced by evga under warranty, by a gtx 460, I've decided to buy a gtx 580, which I got just as the 680 was announced. I'm using their step-up to get a GTX 670. Hopefully that will keep me happy for a few years.
  13. TheManicGibbon

    TheManicGibbon I have no idea what's going on

    12 Aug 2009
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    I tend to keep my hardware as long as it lasts me to be honest. While I like to drool over the reviews of the latest i7s and the photos bit-tech members have posted of their immaculate, water cooled, LED lit gaming beasts, my rig does everything I need it to. Oldest part would be the Q6600, but paired with an HD5670 OC for light gaming and Eyefinity, and a brand new M4 SSD, it flies along.
  14. Mechh69

    Mechh69 I think we can make that fit

    16 Sep 2009
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    This + the wife has me on a spending ban until we can build her a computer and buy here a new pistol. Rig is in my SIG
    Last edited: 22 May 2012
  15. -EVRE-

    -EVRE- What's a Dremel?

    12 May 2004
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    AMD 6970
    AMD AM2 Phenom II 940 OC to 3.6ghz
    8gb ddr2 800
    CPU is 3 years 4 mo. old and still kicking strong :)

    May upgrade if Pile-driver cores look promising.. or not..
  16. Tynecider

    Tynecider Since ZX81

    23 Jun 2009
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    I believe there is a factor that may have been overlooked on the steam data.

    Many people are installing a second steam client on some older laptops and playing indy/older games on them.

    I have and use my GF8600 laptop to play some of the older GTA's and BF2, as well as indy titles.
  17. fix-the-spade

    fix-the-spade Multimodder

    4 Jul 2011
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    I am typing this on a PC armed with (wait for iiiiiit)...

    An AMD Athlon XP3200+ and an X1600 GPU, built in 2004. Aside from the obvious (loud, slow, only goes up to DX9) it's... fine. I'm always looking at building a new PC, but the damn thing just keeps trucking (and truckin' and truckin'). Also, real life and my obsession with bikes gets in the way, a nice new silent PC isn't much cop against a week in Les Gets.
    If it'll run CS:S that's me happy.
  18. Coltch

    Coltch Minimodder

    3 Jul 2009
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    I have many machines at home, the oldest working components are my ZX Spectrum+/128 and Commodore Amiga's.

    I have 3-4 PC's one is an old P4 2.8GHz with no HT (absolute donkey), 2 are skt 939 A64 X2's - one with a HD4850 (Magic card) the other has a 7600GS/GT?.

    My main rig has my X-Fi Elite Pro in it which is still a magic card (shame the HD5830 is so carp) although it still only has an E8400. - I think I need to upgrade soon

    Still have an i486 system in bits in the cupboard, might have to see if I can get going again.
  19. Shielder

    Shielder Live long & prosper!

    26 Jul 2007
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    Well, my old rig (which was running fine until the blue smoke escaped on Sunday :miffed: ) was as follows:

    Asus A7N8X
    AthlonXP2500+ (underclocked by setting the mobo FSB to 100MHz to save on the leccy)
    1GB RAM
    80GB system disk
    2x160GB storage disks
    CentOS 5.8

    It was my backup fileserver, so I now need to hustle to find out what went pop (in a very smelly manner) and try and resurrect it.

    My current rig is a Q6600 on a Gigabyte X38-DS5 with 4GB RAM and an AMD 6870 (to replace the 8800GTS512 that failed a few months ago).

    Still plays WoT with good frame rates on the 22" Samsung monitor at 1680x1050.

  20. Paragongx

    Paragongx What's a Dremel?

    13 Dec 2011
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    All I've got to say is "Northwood"

    Oh, and "R480" Oh yeah! Who's rocking the AGP Bus? I'm rocking the AGP Bus!

    Seriously though, this is a IBM Intellistation M Pro Graphic Workstation I bought back in 2003
    Pentium 4 3.06Ghz
    2GB RAM
    ATI (Yes they will always be ATI to me) Radeon X850 Platinum Edition
    146GB 10,000 RPM Ultra320 SCSI with a Vista partition
    146GB 15,000 RPM Ultra320 SCSI with an XP partition
    750GB SATA storage drive

    Still turns on every time I push the button.

    Slow? In Vista, Hell yeah! In XP, Not bad!
    Reliable? You bet!
    Loud? Definitely!
    Does it run Crysis? Probably not!

    To be relegated to garage computer soon. Planning new computer for my birthday this year.
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