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Hardware Overclocking Intel's Core i5 750

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Guest-16, 21 Sep 2009.

  1. Thermal5

    Thermal5 R.I.P

    3 May 2009
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    And wind your neck in!

    I mentioned the i5 in the previous post to the one I kindly highlighted in bold, key word here is PREVIOUS post! Not current one!!!!!!

    So the two chips are both socket 1156 Lynnfields... Your point is? We already knew that!

    And so they chalk up the exact same scores on the Crysis Performance Chart bar when the i5 750 is overclocked then it scores 1fps more whoop de f*cking do! 1 FPS difference....... Not ever gonna be noticeable is it.

    As for the i5 750, it will never outpace the i7 860 overall whichever day of the week you happen to be on so like I said wind your neck in!

    Oh and so bl*ody what if the 750 is £70 cheaper than the 860, 750 = 4 cores/4 threads No hyperthreading, 860 = 4 cores/8 threads Hyperthreading which does make a huge difference believe me!

    And so what that the original topic was originally about the i5 750, what the hell is your point?, nowhere does it say DO NOT talk about anything but the 860 or express your points about any other CPU in comparison.

    So yeah a great big slap on the wrist for you then!

    See thee and goodnight.
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  2. John_T

    John_T Minimodder

    3 Aug 2009
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    After you chastising me for not being able to read properly, and telling me that I should 'try again', (which in fairness I did) I rather feel this applies as much to you as me...

    This being a rolling conversation, I didn't realise each point was supposed to be considered dead after a subsequent post.

    That's it's OK to talk about and compare them both without being 'told off', basically.

    You mean stock vs overclocked, (you didn't really word that quite right) but yes, that's exactly and entirely my point: If you're only interested in Crysis, why not get essentially identical performance for substantially less money?

    Well, apart from on the days you keep posting those beloved Crysis charts of course...

    I refer to my previous statement.

    Er, if you're not interested budgets, what exactly was your point in all this again?

    Oh, go on then - I'll believe you! :D

    That it was OK to talk about it really.

    Well, that was pretty much exactly what you were saying when you picked me up on the error of my ways for mentioning something that wasn't the 860 or 920...

    That's twice now. Getting a bit sore actually. (It's gone all red & everything...).

    Indeed Sir, nighty-night and God bless.
  3. LithiumDesign

    LithiumDesign 3dsMax User

    23 Jul 2009
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    Im hitting 3.2ghz easy with 21x and the intel stock cooler, I hardly have it on 100% load but when it does i got it to 92degreesC...
    May get meself the H50 and try to hit that sweet 4Ghz :)
  4. dlr

    dlr What's a Dremel?

    9 Aug 2010
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    Grreat article!
    I've been searching for two weeks for something like this one, that explains in detail what effect does any specific BIOS setting have on my mobo :)
  5. Komus

    Komus What's a Dremel?

    7 Jun 2010
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    You know I had this bookmarked from a while back and it's that time of the year (bloody freezin) that computers deserve a wee xmas kick up the SB. I've got to say though, I just spent a thoroughly enjoyable 10 minutes reading the flaming in the comments section. I would thoroughly recommend it.

    It could do with a comparisson of their arguements though, maybe some sort of definitive result and conclusion?
  6. keir

    keir S p i t F i r e

    5 Oct 2003
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    Well I'd just like to say thanks for this quick refrence guide.
    easily running at 4Ghz which gives me an extra ~10fps on BF3 and this is after I bumped up some settings.

    (was @ 3Ghz)
  7. mecblade

    mecblade 14 year old Technophile

    12 May 2010
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    -Wrong thread. Please delete.-
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