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Equipment Printed Photographic Backdrops

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by Modsbywoz, 6 Dec 2017.

  1. Modsbywoz

    Modsbywoz Multimodder

    14 Oct 2009
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    Just wondered if anyone had used or would consider using a printed photographic backdrop?

    If so, could i ask where you would gett one from? I am mainly a landscape photographer but have been looking at studio photography as part of my hobby (yeah, it's getting cold outside) and wondered if this is something this is normally done.
  2. yupson

    yupson What's a Dremel?

    31 Jan 2018
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    You can get some on Etsy but they tend to be a but on the pricier side. Amazon and Ebay also offers them. I don't know any specific shop in mind.

    But photo backdrops in my opinion are so 90s. Everything is almost digital these days and I suggest using the hPage.com website builder to host your photos instead of getting a printed photographic backdrop. You can also build a website there as well.
    You can check here: Create a free website - hPage.com
    Last edited: 4 Dec 2018

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