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Networks Roaming profile

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by combatkev, 19 Nov 2004.

  1. combatkev

    combatkev What's a Dremel?

    24 Dec 2003
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    Hi ya,

    I now have five computers running in a network for family members, I currently have a win 2003 server running as a file server.

    Does anyone know of a clear guide for setting up roaming profiles for account logins, It would stop the kids argueing about which computer they want to use.

    I believe I need to set the server as a domain controller and set all the accounts on it.

    Any coments welcome.

  2. buzzy

    buzzy What's a Dremel?

    27 Dec 2003
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    Yep, that's probably the most robust way to do it. Install AD on the file and print server (it should be able to do both things without breaking into too much of a sweat).

    Set up a share on the server - \\server\profiles$ is usually good. Add the other PCs to the AD (My computer -> properties -> network identification)

    Create a bunch of user accounts in the AD. In the properties for each user account, select the "account" tab and enter the profile path:


    %USERNAME% will get replaced by the user name for the account; that's normal. When "johnd" next logs into the domain he'll get a default profile created in \\servername\profiles$\johnd

    Alternately, if you've already got a profile that you want johnd to use, simply copy that profile to \\servername\profiles$\johnd


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