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Linux small linux/gnu with gnome

Discussion in 'Software' started by alpaca, 25 Aug 2010.

  1. alpaca

    alpaca llama eats dremel

    27 Jan 2009
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    i know the whole ubuntu philosophy is to give you a fully working system. the only drawback is the size: 4.3 gb. Is there a distribution that fits on a 2gb memory stick (i'd like to use that as the main boot drive) and is as user friendly as ubuntu is (preferably gnome)? i tried DSM, knoppix and a whole lot of other distributions, but they where either to big (didn't fit) or weren't user friendly enough for me to be able to work with it.

    in the end: i have an old laptop that needs to run a java program i wrote, and later on has to serve as backup server.

    tnx in advance

    edit: i found something called ubuntu-mini-remix i got it running in a live session this time, but i have no way of installing it. on the site i am told to remaster it and add installer (and i would like to add an GUI too, if possible). how do i do that?

    edit2: i found another thing called Ubuntu customisation kit. after installing(only on linux) it (in command line: sudo apt-get install uck) and finally being able to run it, it is now apparently remastering the mini remix .iso . i'll keep you updated

    edit3: one reason or another, it doesn't want to work, it errors, always, for different reasons. help is appriciated
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  2. Kumo

    Kumo What's a Dremel?

    18 Oct 2004
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    Try Arch linux, you can select what to install, leaving a powerful, but with small foot-print than others distros.

    I used to have a full Debian in 1gb pendrive and it was Ok. Try to run programs as Localepurge that erases all unneeded/unwanted locales saving a lot of space.

    You have several small distros like puppy, feather... But most of them don't use gnome for obvious reasosn.
  3. ShakeyJake

    ShakeyJake My name is actually 'Jack'.

    5 May 2009
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    If all you want is easy-to-use distro with a small HDD footprint you could try (in order of how much I like them):

    Puppy (just awesome, it's not GNOME but just as easy to use and automatic wizards for everything)
    TinyCore (Very small and weird to run, but ~10MB install space if you try hard)
    DSL (Damn Small Linux is ~50Mb and about the smallest 'full' desktop you can get)
    Crunchbang Lite (I use full-fat #! on my netbook)

    And there's TinyMe, which I've never used but seems to tick all the right boxes.

  4. steveo_mcg

    steveo_mcg What's a Dremel?

    26 May 2005
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    As Kumo says debian is much more configurable (which can lead to its own problems) and can easily be run on a small footprint. Problem is Gnome is a pretty heavy group of programs which limits how compact a gnome based system can be. If you just select Gnome desktop (or something like that) from aptitude then you'll get a huge install you'll have to add the windows manager and applications separately.
  5. Glider

    Glider /dev/null

    2 Aug 2005
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    A fully working slackware fits on a 128MB pendrive
  6. Andy Mc

    Andy Mc Modder

    23 May 2002
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    have you tried lubuntu?

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