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Graphics What video card to buy?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Altron, 1 Oct 2005.

  1. Altron

    Altron Minimodder

    12 Dec 2002
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    I have a Geforce 3 64MB in my computer. It is plugged into an AGP slot, which I believe is 8X capable (Intel 848 chipset, pretty much an 865 canterwood with single channel ram). The stock heatsink was super noisy so I replaced it with a huge heatsink, I think from an old processor (I have tons of heatsinks and no idea where any of them came from). The thing got super hot so I zip tied a 40mm fan on it. However, it still gets hot (when the mobo is in the regular poisition with the heatsink hanging below the card it gets really hot, with the mobo on the side so the heatsink is to the side of the card it isn't too hot, but still very warm and huge and ghetto.), and the fan is still fairly loud. I have no idea why, since the heatsink is huge.

    However, there is a problem. For some reason the people designing my motherboard put the AGP slot one down. The first slot cover is unoccupied, the second is AGP, then there are 5 PCI below it.

    The heatsink is so big that I can't use the two PCI slots next to the card, leaving me with 3.

    I have a fullsize ATX mobo in a mATX tray (it hangs like 2" off the side) and because of the tray I can't use the middle one, leaving me with two at the bottom.

    Due to the placement of the IDE connectors, the next one is unusable for all but very short cards.

    This leaves me with one PCI slot :(

    Now, through various channels, I have tons of monitors. I tried to do dual monitors with my geforce 3 but apparantly nvidia decided it would be cheaper to connect two vga jacks to the same output, so if I plug in 2 monitors they both get dimmer and show the same thing.

    Anyway, here's what I need -
    I want a card that is quiet. By this I mean either a quiet fan or no fan. However, if it is fanless, it must be able to work without any airflow. Aftermarket heatsink replacement works.
    I also want the card to be relatively cheap.
    I want it to be as good or slightly better than my Geforce 3 in terms of 3d performance
    I want it to be dual-monitor capable. It would be really nice if I could set it up to switch between a regular extended desktop across 2 monitors and having the same thing on both (but without the dimming that happens to my geforce 3)
    This isn't really something I need, but video input would be sweet (not video capture, just something where I can take composite or svideo or component input and display it fullscreen)

    So, video card gurus, can you help me?

    I had a few ideas -
    I would want to keep price in the double digits.
  2. Froggy

    Froggy What's a Dremel?

    10 Jun 2003
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    Get the 9600XT. Its quiet to start with, but if its to noisy for you then change the heatsink. :)
  3. Clearion

    Clearion What's a Dremel?

    19 Aug 2005
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    Yes, get one of those and put on a zalman VF700:dremel: and you'l have a quiet card:baby:.

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