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Memory Xbox HDD help

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by sonicgroove, 26 Mar 2024.

  1. sonicgroove

    sonicgroove Radical Atheist

    16 Mar 2011
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    I recently tried to install a 1tb SSD into my Xbox following YT guides but it didn't work...at all. I just kept getting an error code. The USB stick update method wouldn't have any of it. I bought a new Xbox (one x) and decided to try cloning the HDD from that to the original SSD but I cannot for the.life of me work out what's going wrong. The PC no longer recognises the SSD. Has the XBox somehow bricked the SSD? I had the original mechanical one so I added that to th pc and opened up diskgenius...I deleted the partitions but now it's just a blank drive, and according to google, the Xbox doesn't use either GTP or MBR. How do I setup the HDD for use in an Xbox?

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