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Windows XP shenanigans

Discussion in 'Software' started by Skutbag, 30 Mar 2010.

  1. Skutbag

    Skutbag What's a Dremel?

    17 Dec 2003
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    Hi all, I'll keep this short for both our sakes:

    1- Installed legit copy of XP pro
    2- Lost disc and license, as a result never reinstalled
    3- 6-7 years later, it finally won't boot up
    4- Got Linux on the other hard drive, works fine
    5- Downloaded and installed 'naughty' copy of XP pro

    Now I have two installs of XP on the same hard drive, one which wont boot
    and one which will: but presumably the one that will is going to need
    activation at some point. What I'd love to hear at this point is:

    1- Dont worry, you can do a completely clean install of XP and because
    you activated it once already, it will remember, because Microsoft aren't
    all baby-eaters and meth heads.
    2- Well, its a bit more complicated, but some freeware genius has made
    a great bit of software that will find your license, even on an unbootable
    3- You're stuffed mate.

    Other stuff:
    -I can still access all my files, apps and games
    though none of them appear to be installed.
    -From Linux I can reach all files on both hard drives, XP hasn't found
    the Linux hard drive.

    Well, fire away, any suggestions are much appreciated.
  2. johnmalc

    johnmalc That shouldn't happen....

    7 Jul 2007
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    Google for and download/install Magicjellybean, ignoring any virus warnings as they are false positives. Run it from the working XP install and use the inbuilt feature to extract the serial number from the non-working install. When you have your legit key back use Magicjellybean to change the serial number on your "dodgy" XP to the legit one or, better still, a clean install.
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  3. dave_salmon

    dave_salmon What's a Dremel?

    24 Jun 2009
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    I've used Magicjellybean for this reason a few times and not just with installs of windows so I'd recommend trying this.

    If you have any proof of any kind (maybe the serial you've extracted with Magicjellybean) you could try getting M$ to send you a replacement disc. I've heard it done before, you've just got to not sound like a pirating scoundrel and convince them you are legit (easier said than done I know)

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