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New Profile Posts

  1. bjpc
    It is not about being better than others, it is about bringing the best out of oneself.
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  2. Evolutionsic
    Evolutionsic WarrenJ
    Good 12/09/2018 to you WarrenJ
  3. Evolutionsic
    Evolutionsic KidMod-Southpaw
    Never forgotten
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  4. Mungler
    new member since 2002!
  5. Evolutionsic
  6. Evolutionsic
  7. TheBlackSwordsMan
  8. Y.G Casemod
    Y.G Casemod MLyons

    I posted 2 mods in your post regarding the Modding Madness section.

    The Project Cryolab and the Prototype Mechsuit.

    I would be very honored to see them published. XD
  9. ICS
    Hello everybody ! This year, my new project
  10. Evolutionsic
    If you charge someone for changing brake pads shouldn't you like.. change the brake pads? i h8 damn garages
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    2. Mr_Mistoffelees
      Go straight to your local trading standards office.
      18 Jul 2018
  11. MLyons
    Big fan of fluffy doggos
  12. Evolutionsic
  13. IamJudd
    IamJudd sonicgroove
    I'm still giving him the benefit of the doubt re comms - I'm sure there has been accidental ignore presses! Hopefully will here from Sonic soon!
  14. The_Crapman
    The_Crapman acemodder
    Hi. Could you try and find out what grade of steel was used in the P182's chassis please? I've found out it's 0.8mm cold rolled steel, but can't find anything more specific than that. Thanks
  15. el2k
  16. Cerberus90
    What's happened to the prices of 2nd hand Haswell CPUs, I'm sure they've all gone up significantly.
  17. Evolutionsic
    wtf is a "level 3 textbook" pls respond
    1. Brooxy
      Somewhere between a 'Level 1' and 'Level 3' textbook HTH :D
      14 Jun 2018
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  18. yuusou
    Wait! How come I've never seen this before?!
  19. Cerberus90
    Jesus this NC10 is slow on windows 10!
  20. Y.G Casemod
    Y.G Casemod DÈF¥âÑt¸.·´¯`¤