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N17 dizzi
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18 Sep 2018 at 09:45
23 Mar 2011
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N17 dizzi

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18 Sep 2018 at 09:45
    1. Gurdeep14
      So which games you gonna be playing on your nice and shiny 780 Ti? We should play some DayZ again sometime
    2. Gurdeep14
      I sold my one of my 7970s and trying to sell the other one. I picked up a 780 classified hydro so switching to the green team for the first time, should arrive tomorrow :)
      Got fed up of Ati and all the driver crashes I kept getting
    3. Gurdeep14
      I finally decided to get rid of my 5970's, got a 7970 on the way :P thought you'd appreciate my efforts to save the planet
    4. N17 dizzi
      N17 dizzi
      For the lulz
    5. Teelzebub
      Dizzi is a great seller and he's a mad as I am lol [IMG]
    6. Gurdeep14
      How comes when you give me rep I get loads? Whats the deal with rep? Do you get loads when I rep you? Or is it because you are like some uber rep ninja type person lol
      Not that im complaining
    7. Gurdeep14
      thought you said the 670's were only a bit slower than a 680, but your cards overclocked were faster?
      Ah we all die in that game, you should give it a go again.
    8. Gurdeep14
      Hey Dizzi, not sure whats going on with you selling your rig and what not, but would be cool to play DayZ with you again
    9. David
      Moar feedback for dizzi.

      Bought a GTX 670 waterblock from him, and it should be no surprise to anyone here that he is a pleasure to deal with.

      Great guy - honest and straightforward. Looks after his kit very well - the block looks brand new.
    10. Big_malc
      top seller and pleasure to deal with
    11. Gurdeep14
      You getting rid of another GPU? What you gonna use for gaming? Is your rig in bits?
    12. Gurdeep14
      How goes your PC build? Saw that you sold a 670
    13. Gurdeep14
      I can play for a bit before work, say 1 till 2?
    14. Gurdeep14
      awesome, I might be on tonight, depending on how quickly I submit my coursework, need to be in before midnight, if not ill be on during the rest of the week. Im by Deer Stand, just NW of Lopatino, making my way to the NW airfield round the back (read, long but safe route) :P
    15. Gurdeep14
      ah no :( I have everything, ill share so we can snipe the NW airfield?
    16. Gurdeep14
      You coming online today?
    17. Gurdeep14
      A summers walk? lol
      Cool, ill be on around 9ish, I really need an Alice pack or bigger if you can help
    18. Gurdeep14
      Hey, are you going to be on DayZ tonight? If so I could really do with an Alice pack or larger. I am near Myshkino if you wanna group up
    19. Zinfandel
      First class seller, cheers mate.
    20. Shirty
      You're a top seller mate, and a proper gentleman too :thumb:
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