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16 Sep 2013
11 Jul 2006
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The South Sea Bubble
Group Editor, Custom PC and bit-tech

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I used to be somebody, from The South Sea Bubble

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16 Sep 2013
    1. kingjohn
      :D im on the new build stage, first week the case, psu and HD DVD starting 9-8-10 and next week 16-8-10 cpu i7 930 ,mbrd gene iii , :confused: , but im not sure about the ddr3, scan has the xms3 TR3X6G1600C9 at 116.0 pounds but not the Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1600C8D,
      instead scan has the Corsair Dominator CMP6GX3M3A1600C8 at the price of 135.0 pounds it uses this in its i7 oc slik bundle what might be best , your advice would be very helpfull ,thanks . :thumb:
      no need to reply sifter as james has already helped me with this :D
      I just want to say thanks for nomination and supporting my project.
      Building custom computers is a true passion of mine that I aspire to make more of then just a basement hobby.
      Take Care
      Ron L C
    3. geoboy333
      sifter, please read your private messages. Important :)
    4. javaman
    5. unclejimbo
      hi ther shifter....well basically im trying to get final battleground put on to the custom pc servers....please have a look at my post
      Ive tried many ways and spoken to many people...im sure you are the man to help me ...so please help...
      much appreciated
    6. Skiddywinks
      Hey Alex,

      Hope you enjoyed/are enjoying your holidays!

      I was just wondering if it would be possible to get my CPC subscription address changed? In the excitement of the announcement, I wrote my home address down, when I will be at uni from the 20th.
    7. RichCreedy
      hi sifter, my post count was 693 + the 9 or 10 i have here, if you wouldn't mind topping mine up please
    8. l3v1ck
    9. Rat1sully
      Hi alex, firstly a shameless move my post count over - 85 - and join date of 09 jan 2007 please with a follow up of the move seems to have gone well getting used to the new surroundings, hoping to stop lurking and post more once i finally get uni finished with

      good luck with finishing off the move and everything else

    10. SirFur
      Hey there - just wanted to say that it was a great shame to see that the CPC community had to be disbanded, even though (I agree) there were some good reasons. I am sure you'll agree it was a great place that you guys created/nurtured! Anyway, just wanted to post my consolations - I look forward to making bit-tech our new home, however. :) (but to be honest I already feel right at home thanks to all the bit-tech forumers! :thumb:)

      PS. Just wanted to say - I never got a chance to post on the old forum - the new combined CPC mag is excellent! :D

      PSS. ANy chance of getting my post count transferred (old count 780 or so)........I'm just asking cos I'm jealous of a few who have :p
    11. Slizza
      Yo, i got my missing magazine today through the post and just wanted to say thank you again, it was real good of you.
      Long live CPC
    12. Sgt_Barnes
      Hi Alex,

      Any change if i could get my post counts taken over? I used to be HelperMonkey1 on cpc forum and had 31 posts. I know its not alot but i will never get my Folding Sig otherwise for like another year the amount i post!! lol
    13. fu manchu
      fu manchu
      Hi Alex

      Rich aka fu manchu here. I have posted a Official game servers info page. Please sticky :)
    14. BradShort
      Ditto to all the others. Any chance of bringing over my post count from CPC? was only around 100 but i sorta got attached to them :P
    15. unknowngamer
    16. stuartpengs
      Hi Alex. Any chance of me having my post count carried over too? Please...pretty please..please..Thanks. It was 4000 (actually hit 4000 on the last night of the forum, I put up a celebration thread and everything, twigletts the lot! :( ) LOL.
    17. l3v1ck
      Anyway of getting our post counts carried over?
      (and yes, I am that sad)
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    The South Sea Bubble
    Group Editor, Custom PC and bit-tech

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