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24 Nov 2017
26 Feb 2005
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August 5
Aberdeen, UK, EU
Offshore "engineer".

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Banned, from Aberdeen, UK, EU

specofdust was last seen:
24 Nov 2017
    1. specofdust
    2. Pookie
      What happened to him?
    3. Otis1337
      Bring back specofdust!
    4. B1GBUD
      I'm the 5,555th visitor to the page.... I don't even like the number 5
    5. whisperwolf
      yup still active, just not a prolific poster, that and not around so much as the site started to annoy me, and the forums got a bit too antagonistic
    6. Zurechial
      Moderator? What?! We're all doomed!
      Nice to see a new-old red name around. :)
    7. The_Beast
      A banned moderator is my kind of moderator (ie you have a set of balls)
    8. Blazza181
      Wow. A banned moderater :p
    9. KidMod-Southpaw
      Hey, when did you become a mod? Nice one!
      Well, you are one of the very few people responsible enough. :)
    10. Cupboard
      Have you ever been banned?
    11. tin can
      tin can
      Hey spec, just wanted to thank you for sticking up for me - and yes, your summary of my views regarding animals (offered with all due respect for your own views :)) are along the right lines - generally I don't like the idea of substituting harm caused to one animal/being/whatever for a similar degree of harm caused to many. I always struggle with how much of this stuff to mention on teh webs, but now I've brought it up a coupla times, I think I might stay out of that sort of thread for a bit. Thanks again! :)
    12. Aracos
      Thank you.
    13. Aracos
      Smithton part, it's just behind the retail park :)
    14. Aracos
      Yeah he's the head of the technology department now, he doesn't teach me anymore, I had him every once in a while when I was doing the NC. But I don't have him for anything this year.
    15. Aracos
      Yeah at the longman college, I've only seen maybe 1-2 other people that live in scotland on this forum and most of teh interwebz, I'm starting to think I'm looking in the wrong places ^_^
    16. specofdust
      For now it's separate. When it comes to my honors degree it'll probably end up requiring me to do a dissertation in the philosophy of mathematics, which'll consist half of complex philopsophical arguments, and half of complex mathematical formulae and proofs.

      Mathematical induction seems to be quite a 'done' thing in philsophy of maths right now.
    17. boiled_elephant
      Indeed, maths tends to scare most people into silence. I did F. Maths at A-level, loved it, and was lacklustre at it. It's a mind-blowing subject, but far too heavy for me to keep up with.

      So how does that particular joint scheme work, do you do philosophy OF maths, or are they just separate?
    18. boiled_elephant
      Ah, I'm flattered! I think. Philosophers are known for being roundabout, verbose and unintelligible, though, so perhaps not :p
      The pally thing is embarrassing. I thought you meant *cough*worldofwarcraft*cough*. Not that I play...at the moment (let my subscription drop for a while when I realised people were more interesting and essays were more important.)
      How did you find first year? Philosophy's one of those subjects that's made or broken by the quality of the teaching, I reckon. The lectures absolutely need to be lucid and direct, or it makes the subject unapproachable. I had a semi-head-start from the couple of books I'd read on it before I began, but my department's generally pretty good.
      Oh and did you have to do minor subjects in 1st year as well? Nobody warned me about that, they've pissed me off no end.
    19. boiled_elephant
      Philosophy in my first year, with minors in Crim and EPR. This coming year I've moved onto Phil & Religious Studies (not because I'm religious but because it's a more interesting application of philosophy than argument validity or social politics).
      And how did you know I was a pally? Do you just have an absurdly good memory? :p
    20. yodasarmpit
      True, it should be the one and only, just like Chesney Hawkes :)
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    August 5
    Aberdeen, UK, EU
    Offshore "engineer".
    I once cut a fan grill.....
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