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26 Apr 2006
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20 Oct 2018 at 10:02
    1. Prime
      I just find his comments annoying at times. He always has a criticism about every product Nikon makes. It's like, if K Rockwell doesn't have a photographic use for it, how can anyone else? :rolleyes:

      I read his reviews for a technical view, any comments on usage are usually liberally ignored. He can really take the fun out of photography and learning otherwise.

      Anyway! :cooldude:
    2. Xir
      -Do a little DOE on optimal fin spacing to find the optimal cooling fin spacing (as you'll probably have to find the "sweet" point between cooling effect/noise/resistance which are influenced by this). This would mean manufacturing a few prototypes with different cooling fin spacing. This is probably fan dependent, so select it on forehand, depending on it it should be a performance/low noise cooler.
      -Check point 1 (vertically Aligned Heatpipes) and Point 3 with thermal imaging. If you spread your heatpipes accordingly, you should be able to manage to have the maximum heat where you have the maximum airflow (not in the center of the cooler/fan).
      -make sure your retention mechanism works without breaking your fingers, will probably take a bit of patent research though, most simple mechanisms already exist.
      -Last of all: do field tests, have "normal users" confirm it's mountable on different motherboards, in different Cases.

      Best regards,

    3. Xir
      -Base your design on vertically aligned heatpipes.
      -Base your design on the critics criteria (do a little analysis what design criteria get your the maximum points on Guru3D/Tomshardware/Anandtech/Bit-Tech...probably some Taiwanese/Korean sites I don't know of) ...surface quality, number and size of heatpipes, weight...things like that.
      -Use as large a fan as you can get away with (120mm seems to be the lower end these days)

    4. Xir

      :D Thanks for the offer.
      I was just wondering why this design keeps gettin tried as it's shown it's ineffectiveness quite often.
      Actually all designs based on a "Pull" mode fan seem (based on reading tests) to be less performant than those on a "Push" basis.

      I'm personally more interested in silence, than in utter performance though. ;)

      To design one.
      You'd need the ability to manufacture a few and test them. The tests are quite basic, I'd expect every manufacturer to have performed them. :D

    5. jon

      You were asking about a HSF with a fan mounted in the middle. This is one. it's huge and expensive, but a monster of a cooler. Could likely be designed with only one fan (it's got 2), and possibly shrink the footprint a bit. Might also make it cheaper.

      Interested in designing one?
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