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~£200 digital camera

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by Kermet, 24 Feb 2004.

  1. Kermet

    Kermet [custom title]

    18 Feb 2003
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    Been looking for a camera in the £200 range (preferable under). Really just want it for quick snaps and occasionally some decent photos but no pro stuff, videos are also quite important and like the feature some have of filming till memory is full. Bearing this in mind cameras I'm considering are:

    - Sony Cybershot DSC P72 - £179.99
    - Sony Cybershot DSC P92 - £229.99
    - Kodak DX4530 - £199.99
    - A few others that I can't remember

    I'm probably gonna get the Sony P72 as the only extra thing about the P92 that appeals to me is the slight increase in speed and that isn't really worth the extra cost (that could be put towards an even larger memory stick).

    So what I'm asking is has anybody had any experience of these cameras or know of any alternatives with similar features?

  2. phaSe

    phaSe What's a Dremel?

    4 Jul 2002
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    i havent used any of them im afraid, but i have a Minolta X20, its only 2Megapixels (seems fine for 6x4), 3x optical zoon, its nice and small and i would heartily recommed one!
    It can film until the memory card is full, and can also be used as a webcam.
    Pick up a 256MB SD card for about £50 and you can snap for ages.
    Its also a bit cheaper, mine was ~£160.


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