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POTM [06/07] Bail Out!

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by BioSniper, 19 Jun 2007.

  1. BioSniper

    BioSniper Minimodder

    5 Feb 2002
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    Took this one right back at the beginning of the month and have been deciding whether or not I should actually enter it as there is another preferable shot in my flickr.
    I think ideally the shot needs a little more warmth to it and the composure could be a little better but when you are inside in a very confined space with your subject mere inches from you it's pretty hard to do especially when you are trying to grab shots of people doing tricks/falling off :)

    For this I used my kit lens at I think 24mm, with a Sigma flash attached directly to the hot-shoe of my 300D.
    Considering it's my first time using the flash in those conditions and the first time I've really tried to take photos of Skateboarders who I don't know all that well I'm pretty pleased with it.

    Some minimal tweaking was done in Photoshop :)

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