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Photos [06/07] California

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by HapeMask, 30 May 2008.

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    19 Jan 2006
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    Yep the date is correct, I just never got around to uploading these pictures until now. Last year I went on vacation in California and took tons of pictures, I linked a few of my personal favorites here. (Never posted here before so not sure if posting the full-size images is bad. If it is I can easily replace them with thumbnails+links.)

    NOTE: These were all taken with my 3.1MP canon powershot A70, so please excuse the image quality. I'm currently camera-less as the a70 broke after many years of hard use, but I'm hoping to perhaps get a D50 later this summer if I can spare the cash :D

    The road up to the park was pretty steep at times.

    Slow-shutter waterfall, these always look so cool.

    Macro shot of a very tiny plant.

    A small sheltered cove-ish area protected from the waves.

    On this one area of a beach these squirrels were fed so often that they would run almost right up to you expecting food.

    Interesting flower from a horticultural center.

    The panorama actually is quite high-res but photobucket scaled it down pretty seriously it seems. Taken on the mountain road down from Redwood National Park.

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