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12 pipes of fun

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by J0d3r, 16 Oct 2005.

  1. J0d3r

    J0d3r What's a Dremel?

    13 Sep 2005
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    I got an Asus Extreme x850pro a few days ago, and I've reached a good results with that card.

    It comes with 12 pipes and 506/520 mhz (core/mem), at this speed it marks around 12k in 3dmark03 and 5.5k in 3dmark05, but the fun comes when you are going to overclock.

    With the default cooler I reached 630/630 (core/mem) and with a maze4 and copper memory heatspreader I got 657/654, with a score of 7071 at 3dmark05, and around 14500 in 3dmark03, better scores than a couple of x850xt pe overclocked:


    Any one with a x850pro?

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