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+12V question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by evilstriker, 3 Nov 2004.

  1. evilstriker

    evilstriker What's a Dremel?

    29 May 2004
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    Ok i have this small question about the +12V on my motherbaord.
    I just bought a dfi nf2 ultra b (for amd) And I have an antec psu but with no +12v cable. This is my first board with this 12v plug and I dont know if I need it!!

    What exactly will this do if I dont plug it in?
    As for what I know I installed the hardware monitor that came with the mobo and i keep getting a warning on the 12V
    By default it has set the low limit at 11v and the high limit at 13v My indicator plays between 11.10v and 11.00v

    Im not too informed for the voltage so i need info on this as to what are the normal voltage and what can I do to fix this if it is a problem

    mobo: dfi nf2 ultra b Socket A for amd
    cpu: amd xp 2600 1.97Ghz, L2 512k
    graphix: gforce fx 5900

    Cpu temp: 45c

  2. Kameleon

    Kameleon is watching you...

    29 Apr 2003
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    While the plug isn't required, it's more or less essential for your CPU to be stable, especially at overclocked settings. The drop-off on vcore is bad enough when the 12V is in, I wouldn't like to think how much vcore will drop under load without the plug. My advice is to get a new PSU as soon as possible, a PSU that doesn't have a 12V plug is probably very old or rather sub-par anyway.

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