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Peripherals 1PC 2 rooms?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by defined, 1 Nov 2013.

  1. defined

    defined Botch-Job

    7 Aug 2012
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    heres the situation,

    My PC is in the living room connected to a plasma, i usually sit on the couch and game with a 360 controller but for some games i would rather have a keyboard and mouse but its too awkward when sitting on a couch.

    Now in the room joined onto the living room I have a conventional style PC desk with a 32inch LCD TV hooked up to a atom PC.

    Now i would like to connect my living room PC to both screens but don't know how to go about it

    I have been looking around but don't know what type of splitter to get, I need it to be HDMI 1.4A compliant as when I use the living room plasma its connected through a Home Theater Amp.

    Or i could just use a DVi connection to the 32LCD and then just change the PC settings every time i change rooms?

    And then there's the issue of getting a keyboard and mouse to the second room, I could run a long USB extension from the living room into the second room but would that cause any noticeable lag?

    Any advice you lot could give me to get me going?
  2. Fredrics

    Fredrics Hmm...

    31 Dec 2007
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    What sort of cable length will you need to go between the 2 rooms. HDMI cables have a maximum distance so this could become an issue.
    If both TV's use the same resolution, then a splitter will work but they are often troublesome. Using the second Dvi port on your graphics card and then just mirroring the displays in the settings would be the simpler option. I don't think you need to worry about 1.4a, that is only relevant between the amp and the TV itself.
    Unless your house is massive with concrete walls, then surely a wireless keyboard and mouse setup will do, this will allow you to move it between rooms as well. They have an effective range of 10m. If you get end up going for a cable though, the maximum distance for USB is about 5M so this may also be a limiting factor.

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