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Networks 2 networks, 1 antenna??

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by johnmalc, 21 Nov 2009.

  1. johnmalc

    johnmalc That shouldn't happen....

    7 Jul 2007
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    I administer two long distance wireless networks, network A (2.5km) uses an 18dBi flat panel antenna, network B (1.5km) uses a cheap cantenna, output rated at 9dBi, but nowhere near...

    The problem is the cantenna signal just seems to be getting weaker, to the point where reception is patchy at best. However, network B can see network A's signal very clearly as it is roughly in the same direction. So my question is: can I link both network routers to the one flat panel antenna? It would solve the problem and tidy up my terrace. I can find antenna splitters, allowing a router to use 2 separate antennae (eg one omni, one directional) but have no idea if I can "reverse" this to allow 2 routers/one antenna.

    Anybody know about this?

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