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News 8BallsHardware Review The Wintasks Professional 4 Software

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by :: Dugy ::, 21 Apr 2002.

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    29 Jun 2001
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    WinTasks 4 Professional makes resource management easier than ever before. Including features like detailed cpu usage graphs per process, system presets and a built-in scripting language, WinTasks 4 Professional is an essential addition to any advanced Windows user's toolbox.


    “When your using more then one program on the computer or when you have more then one of a program open. You might have Internet explorer open using viewing 3 websites at a time. At that time you might also be playing a game or having word processors, or other programs running. But if you have say 10 programs open at once, you can use Wintasks to assign a priority level onto one or more programs. You might want to set the game you’re playing to priority 1. That means that any other programs you have open are set to say, out of 10, to have priority 8 or 9, so they don’t take up as much memory. “

    Link: http://www.8ballshardware.com/articles/wintasks/page1.cfm
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