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Windows Admin options for Windows XP Pro

Discussion in 'Software' started by MikeTitan, 25 Oct 2003.

  1. MikeTitan

    MikeTitan Ling Ling: 273 Battle Points

    4 Mar 2003
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    I was wondering, What kind of option there are for windows XP. Cause I want to have an account where basically all that people can do is surf the internet. I don't want them to have access to any other programs except My crazybrowser. Is is possible to do this? :confused:
  2. funkymunky

    funkymunky Guest

    suppose you could just delete all the programs from the start menu, delete all short cuts on the desktop. and Deny access to read the c: and prevent the user from viewing anything u dont really want he or she to look at... but it would requite a tweaking program.......
    yeh its possible but would take a while

    RM :p
  3. Auli

    Auli What's a Dremel?

    28 Oct 2003
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    The short answer is you can do anything you want with XP. Denying read access to your C: drive would be pretty silly though. You couldn't even start the browser! :eeek: We won't go into reading the cache etc. I think randomonkey meant deny write access to C: but then you would just fail to write to the cache unless you reduced cache size to 0.

    It is way too involved to go into detail here. Perhaps a google on 'windows xp kiosk mode' will yield some useful results.

    Mind that you will probably need a third party blocker to prevent 'unwanted' surfing if its a public type thing.

    My mother wanted to set up a PC in a corner for her hotel guests to grab webmail etc when I pointed out to her just exactly what might be displayed on the screen in her hotel's lobby. She was like :duh:

    As with all things security-wise, be careful. Its easy to secure it beyond all functionality, even easier to leave holes you can drive a truck through. I once used a 'secure' kiosk that would not allow you to open a Word document from a floppy (sensibly to avoid Word macro viruses,). It was a jobs search place that wanted to allow you to type in a resume, but I had one all nice and done on a floppy. The clever little buggers had figured all the permission assignments to disable the 'A:' drive in Word.

    Of course exploring 'My computer' and double-clicking the document on the A: drive launched the document into Word quite easily. :D It didn't have a virus, I just wanted the use of their laser printer after all.

  4. funkymunky

    funkymunky Guest

    why dont u use something like windows 2k pro.... that allows you to block the view of the c:.
    I did that on my brothers computer to stop him screwing it up... but u can easily create a shortcut and goto something like c:\windows\
    but if u were able to prevent a right click then that would prob be ur best bet i would say!

    Rm :p

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