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Small Form Factor AGP / PCI Lock in Sn85g4V2?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Phire, 17 Oct 2004.

  1. Phire

    Phire Performance-PCs.com

    11 Jan 2002
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    Ok so I have a few ?'s about OCing on a sn85g4v2... I am looking to a plop a Sempron 3100+ in this baby and wanted to know if the BIOS featured an AGP/PCI Lock? Also, does the "FSB" clock setting go higher than 232?

    I have seen the threads about the Lan overheating and disconnecting and also the issue with temp readings but otherwise it seems like the better of the 754 Shuttles to get right now.

    Also, has anyone tried to fit the SN45 or SK83 faceplate onto a SN85G4? I want this faceplate instead of the stock one that comes with the 85.

  2. Tomm

    Tomm I also ride trials :¬)

    12 Apr 2004
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    I posted about this in Hardware/overclocking a few days ago. If you look at my topic, there's a few details about overclocking, and the BIOS. Link

    Yes, there is an AGP lock. I think the FSB goes up to 250, but haven't checked.

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