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Graphics Akasa Icicle 311

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by IsaacSibson, 15 Dec 2001.

  1. IsaacSibson

    IsaacSibson Banned

    15 Nov 2001
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    Well, I've done it.

    I put an Akasa Icicle 311 (http://www.lapicon.co.uk/akasa/coolers/icicle311/icicle311.html) onto my Herc Ti200, using Arctic Silver thermal Epoxy. Seems to work fine, although it doesn't seem to have gained me much in the overclocking stakes...I think the card needs a voltage mod for that now, and I am not going to do it.

    The next step is to replace the thermal tape on the ramsinks with thermal epoxy.

    The other thing I might test is whether the Icicle 311 is a good enough cooler to allow me to run the card passively cooled, because my Chieftec Dragon has a blowhole right over the AGP and PCI cards. I think it might even work better, because the fan on there is working partially against the blowhole fan.

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