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AMD E-450 APU mobo

Discussion in 'ASUS' started by Rygel Cumberbatch, 26 Aug 2011.

  1. Rygel Cumberbatch

    Rygel Cumberbatch New Member

    21 Aug 2011
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    Might be jumping the gun a bit here. ASUS currently sell the E35M-* boards, all of which come with AMD's E-350 APU. AMD have, however, recently released the E-450, which is slightly more powerful than the E-350. ASUS already seems to be selling an Eee PC Netbook with the E-450 APU installed, at least in the US (see here).

    Do you have any idea information on how long it will be before the E-450 makes its way onto mATX and ITX boards?

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