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Planning An unusual watercooling hardware request :)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by cyrilthefish, 4 May 2013.

  1. cyrilthefish

    cyrilthefish New Member

    15 Apr 2004
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    Right, this isn't for a PC, but for a fishtank :D

    Lazy me is fed up of carting buckets of water from one end of the house when i'm changing the water in my fishtanks (~30L of water is heavy :) )

    Theres no easy way to get a hose setup without re-plumbing the bathroom as it has odd taps.

    So i was thinking of buying a long length of plastic tubing, a watercooling pump, and two clear 30L plastic tubs (one can sit in the bath, the other on top of the fishtank, pump moves water from the bath one)
    I can then slowly siphon water into the tank (after adding de-chlorinator solution to the tank tub) with more tubing :)

    -Any recommendations for a pump? cheap as possible please :lol:
    I'll be plugging it into an old AT power supply probably

    -Does a pump go in reverse if you reverse the polarity? (no biggie if not)
  2. Cheapskate

    Cheapskate Insane? or just stupid?

    13 May 2007
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    I'd Use an aquarium pump, or a cheap pond pump. PC pumps aren't good for draining fish debris.
    -Can't change the pump direction
    Can you change out a sink aerator to one with a hose connection? They made a aerator-to-garden hose attachment for trailer houses that attached to dishwashers.
  3. PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn

    PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn Unholy Cyborg Fruit Machine

    11 Jan 2011
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    what I do is have a large plastic box (got several sizes, usually just set up 2* 150l boxes) and throw a water heater in there. I fill them up with a hose (got a fitting on the end for washing machine valve, so unscrew washing machine, put on hose, fill, then reconnect the washing machine.)

    then have other boxes which I syphon into, fill the tank back up using a 2500 lph pump, then drop that pump into dirty water and pump it out the window (though sink would also work, but the hose for me is short (2m ish) and theres the septic tank, so its easier to let it soak into the ground)

    I'd look for a pond pump as these are likely to be cheaper > can get 1100 lph Aquajet for £30 link > though there may be cheaper stuff elsewhere - though I've bought from here before with no issues
  4. ferret141

    ferret141 Well-Known Member

    18 Oct 2010
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    Make a siphon using a Y connector, hose and a cold water tap. Only caveat is that it wastes water.


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