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Another A2 Overpoch Chernarus server, come and test it

Discussion in 'Game Server' started by Andersen, 14 Feb 2015.

  1. Andersen

    Andersen Brain for hire

    25 Nov 2002
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    Kinda need groups for testing and feedback. So first sixteen players will get in, groups get preference and lets set the limit to four persons per group. If this goes public (= if I can find a reasonably priced colo) I'll give mod status to chosen few.

    A personal peeve and a warning: most servers are too easy to play on and give big guns just like that, this server is meant to be hardcore to the point of frustration. This is not an easy place to play, for example mounted guns in missions are deadly up to 1km. If you are close enough, AI will try to get a clear shot at your glutes.

    How do you get in? Have a group, send me your GUIDs and email addresses via PM and you're in, also I'll need access to your TS/mumble. In a pinch you can use my mumble server. Game server itself is about halfway done and I'll keep it on for a month or two without changes so most faults can be found.

    NOTE! I'll be abroad (sup london folks) february 23-28 so everything except the fridge, which unfortunately lacks the ability of running a game server, will be unplugged for duration of the trip.


    - "filler" weapons removed like 168 out of 192 ACR variants, will remove more
    - starter gear, nothing amazing but better than nothing
    - missions are not pillowfights, be good or stay away
    DayZ AI
    - easiest of the three (still not a joke)
    - depending on location, spawns 1-4 patrols within 1km of players
    - a rare roaming patrol can be a nice payday (I have scored half a mil in gold and 50s every now and then)
    DayZ Mission System
    - changes coming
    Wicked AI
    - changes coming
    Zupa's single currency & storage
    - quick guide: there is no global banking, each safe and lockbox has local storage for coins
    - so do shacks, wooden crates etc but do not use these (read: buggy, need an event to update inventory)
    - safes are buggy even in vanilla Epoch, no more than one person should access one safe, two or more can cause gear/money loss (its a bug in Epoch)
    - also an unexpected bonus: safes work like in vanilla Epoch, owner can lock/unlock without codes (write them down just in case)
    - others can access safes they dont own if they have the codes
    Overwatch trader
    - another coming later
    Snap building pro 1.4.1 + Precise Building
    - for beatiful homes (or brutalist designs like my base)
    - Precise Building prevents base components shifting on restart, just a nice little fix for annoying gaps
    - PB has a glitch that causes base components which are built nearly dead-on or dead-on 0/90/180/270 to rotate on restart
    Advanced trading
    - default Epoch trading system is still available
    - sell from backpack or vehicle
    - slight compensation for low selling prices
    - buying works partially, hey its in alpha and will update ASAP
    - partial support, for example firing a gun indoors does not have that massive echo
    - install as instructed but ignore the part about CBA
    Plot 4 Life
    - convenient, dont have to yank the PP after death
    Gems are useful now
    - ore veins are worth looking for

    Coming addons/changes:
    Build Vectors
    - maybe
    - for funky designs
    Door management
    - no need to write down door codes
    - this is implemented on dev server but breaks safes, will implement on live immediately after its fixed
    Inventory auditing
    - magically acquired dozens of gems or briefcases? They will disappear equally magically
    Trader safezones
    More glitching and duping prevention
    Refuel and repair at gas stations
    - cheap but slow (repairing an average car with damage to every component takes 10+ minutes)
    Combatlog punishment
    - combatlogger's gear is placed in a crate which spawns on the spot
    Major trader and currency overhaul
    Mission announcements will be removed
    - partially done, DZMS wont announce anything
    HUD minimalization
    Vehicle painting
    - really want a pink heli? Go on, do it, you know you want it
    Sidechat going away
    - its a distraction and lets people fling you know what
    - admin can still be contacted by asking assistance on vehicle channel (I can see everything) or email
    Map markers will disappear
    - maybe
    - like I said, this is not meant to be an easy place to play

    Definitely not coming:
    - just no
    - easymode so nope
    Group management
    - easymode for identifying friend and foe

    General rules:
    - English only on side chat
    - No hacking
    - No glitching
    - No duping
    - No racism
    - No griefing
    - No voice on side chat
    - No combatlogging
    - No combat within 300m of traders
    - You may return fire if someone decides to go full retard and fire at traders (record it)
    - For now, destroying vehicles parked at bases is considered griefing if the group owning them is not online
    --- Coming soon: godmode for vehicles near plot poles
    - No refunds for mysteriously lost anything
    - Skalisty and Devil's Castle are no-build places, got plans
    - Any rule breaking accusations must come with video proof, screenshots are good enough for side chat abuse
    - Punishments depend on severity of offence and vary from a warning to permaban
    - Punishments are not negotiable
    - Punishments apply to groups, not individual players
    - Behave like an adult
    --- Dont get mad, get even

    - No skybases
    - No base takeovers, for now
    - Base raids are allowed
    - Large bases must be further than 1km away from major locations, measured from center of base to center of nearest building
    --- Definition of major location: airfields, cities with hospital and/or firestation, towns roughtly the size of Stary/Novy or larger
    - Bases may not block any loot spawn point
    --- Exception: barns can be taken over and boarded up as long as they follow large base rules

    Exception to glitching and duping rule: for now, you may do so for scientific purposes only. You may not profit or gain advantage doing so and must report which methods work so I can add preventive measures.

    If you find a non-sellable vehicle, drive it to NE corner of the map and I'll futz with traders. Do note that you might not get it back.
    Last edited: 17 Feb 2015

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